Feeds & Marketplaces

Enhance Product
Data Feeds

We navigate the technical challenges of feed management, ensuring that the most accurate, up-to-date and relevant product info is visible to your potential customers. We also enhance product data feeds with reviews, ratings and promos to produce more clicks at lower costs.

Manage Channel Distribution Holistically

Our solution harnesses massive reach; we distribute a single product feed across 100+ comparison shopping engine (CSE), marketplace and Product Listing Ad (PLA) partners. We also easily integrate your product feed management with custom channels to power display, paid search, SEO and social efforts.

Automate a Dynamic
Bid Strategy

To allocate budget to the best performing products, keywords and channels, we leverage automated dynamic bidding, as well as SKU-level KPI-based reporting. We also jointly manage PLA and paid search budgets to pounce on performance in real-time, no matter the channel.

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