Planning & Insights

Deciphering Consumer Intent

Today’s consumer is more complex, empowered and omnichannel than ever. To truly deliver performance, brands must exceed consumer expectations with relevant, engaging and personalised communications, 24/7. Performics Planning & Insights Team delivers brand relevance and revenue by uncovering and converting consumer intent through our proprietary process, Intent-Based Planning.

Planning and Insights


  • Intent-Based Planning
    • Tech & Data Audit
    • Digital Maturity Audit
    • Intent Hypotheses
    • Audience Insights
    • Content Audit
    • Experience Matrix
  • Intent-Based Planning (cont.)
    • CX Journey Analysis + Workshops
    • Market Maturity Gauge
    • Learning Agenda
  • Digital Persona Development
  • Social Listening for Consumer Discovery + Product R&D
  • Competitive Insights + Benchmarking
  • Digital Strategy and Innovation Consulting

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