Paid Search Marketing

Search keywords are often the best way to determine consumer intent. At Performics, we’re focused on the next generation of paid search—understanding that intent to deliver ad experiences that produce revenue.

Paid Search Marketing is currently going through an unparalleled revolution. Gone are the days of simply entering a keyword into a Google desktop search bar. Consumers are searching in the aisles of stores, in their apps, from their car dashboards, on their watches and on their refrigerators. We’re connecting the dots in this fragmented searcher journey via deep understanding of consumer motivations and conversion paths. Our singular goal: boosting client revenue by delivering highly personalized paid search experiences, in the right moments.

What’s Unique About Performics Paid Search Marketing?

  • Strategic planning framework aligned to consumer intent
  • Relentless micromanagement and test-and-learn to power macro results
  • Channel integration, including organic search, display, video and social
  • Dedicated Analytics resources for qualitative and quantitative insights
  • Flexible, consultative approach to technology solutions and PPC management
  • Global reach, with paid search experts in 40 countries and 50 offices

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