Local Marketing

Where They Are, When They Need You

In real-estate, it’s “location, location, location,” but the last decade of digital effectively equalized the playing field between physical and virtual spaces, until now. The evolving application of location-based targeting through search, content, and data feeds is reinvigorating the practice of local marketing. The ubiquitous use of smartphones and connected devices is turning your network of physical presence into the key attribute to winning new digital customers.

Performics’ local internet marketing practice connects customers and brands over 100,000 times daily with the right message, the right time in the right place.

Local Marketing


  • Proximity, Time & Device-Specific Ad Targeting
  • Cooperative Media Buying At Multiple Tiers
  • Mobile Visibility & Relevancy
  • Track Users Across Devices
  • On-Site Content Enhancement For Improved Localized Search Ranking
  • Customer Review Outreach & Branding
  • Governance Of Localized Media Across Complex Organizational Structures
  • Management Of Accurate Local Data Across The Local Ecosystem

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