Display Marketing

By 2020, 65% of display media will be programmatic. Today, savvy brands are investing in programmatic to more effectively reach the right consumer through real-time bidding and targeting techniques. At Performics, we’re elevating Performance Display Marketing through the sophisticated use of consumer data.

Our Performance Display practice is built on measurement, enabling us to collect and analyze all campaign and consumer intent data to activate audiences, buys and ad creative. Through data, we find the right moments. We then cater to those moments—by device, channel, geo, creative format, context and behavior.

What’s Unique about Performics Performance Display Marketing?

  • Multi-Touch Attribution modeling to properly value each touchpoint within the conversion path
  • Dedicated Analytics Team
  • Deep relationships and access to partners and media vendors
  • Business Intelligence capabilities
  • Integration with paid search, content and other online/offline media

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