Content creation using generative AI

Generative AI Application to Boost Content Creation

Today’s digital media-marketing industry has a target audience mainly comprising millennials and generation z. The user today expects digital content to be more interactive, multi-fold and holistic in nature. With Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) causing disruption in the way marketers view performance content marketing, content generation is more focused on increased efficiency and productivity than before. Let us dive into the role of generative AI in today’s content marketing space.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a form of machine learning which helps you generate content in text, image, video and other formats. AI tools have played a significant role in revolutionizing performance content marketing, offering innovative solutions for various aspects of content creation, optimization, and analysis. Here is a brief overview on the role of AI tools in performance content marketing:

Role of Generative AI in Content Marketing

  1. Automated content generation: AI-powered tools started emerging in the early 2010s, enabling automated content generation. These tools could generate basic news articles, product descriptions, and reports using algorithms that analyzed data and patterns. Recent advancements in AI have enabled the creation of more sophisticated content using natural language generation (NLG). AI algorithms can now generate complex and coherent pieces of content, such as news articles, product reviews, and social media posts, providing human writing styles.
  2. Increased Efficiency and Productivity: AI tools can automate tasks of content creation for user specific needs. Marketers can get more done in less time, freeing up resources for other activities. AI content marketing tools also allow marketers to generate content with quick turnaround time to analyse large volumes of data, Identify trends and insights.
  3. Innovation and Creative Assistance: AI tools help writers with the most common ‘writer’s block’ and display innovative ways to generate content.

How Performics-Integrated Generative AI Application Can Drive Productivity

We at Performics identified where we could deploy Generative AI in the performance content marketing space. Long form content generation was the obvious choice from an efficiency, quick turnaround time and scaling up POV. From a bucket of tools available to us today, we shortlisted Jasper AI and GPT-4 from the likes of, Rytr and Writesonic keeping in mind parameters like long format, large database, translation, grammar check and SEO tool integration. We identified 3 main parameters to smoothen AI tool integration in our system and ran a pilot to test how AI tools could help content generation and marketing overall.

  1. Customization: Aligning with our client deliverables and projections, ideation and strategy is at the forefront of our plan. Along with setting the prerequisites, performance-based insights, we customize our plan and make it unique before using an AI tool.
  2. Prompt Engineering: We have built an industry-specific prompt generating system which helps us generate the ideal prompt, keeping the unique content requirements in place.
  3. Quality Check: AI generated content does not always provide the most accurate or desired result and requires a level of human intervention where we review and add input to perform on search. We also run an AI detection test to make sure the content generated using a tool is not 100% AI dependent. We at Performics only create 100% original content and although we tested AI tools to generate content, we have dedicated resources to filter the content and shape it in a way which makes it original and matches industry standards.

Possible Benefits and Outcome of using AI tools at Performics

70% time saved and 3x daily output efficiency
  1. Content scaling and productivity: Fewer rewrites and less editing gives time back to our editors and helps them be more productive and strategic. If we eliminate the time taken by a content writer to draft a 1200-word article (takes 3-4 hours with research, editing, review), the process of content generation can be optimised, and we can focus on content performance. Time saved allows us to take on additional requirements and we can show better output from a qualitative and quantitative POV.
  2. Efficiency: By using AI content marketing tools to automate processes during our pilot testing, we realized we could potentially increase efficiency by outsourcing fewer tasks and projects and optimize activities within the team. Overall, AI tools have significantly transformed performance content marketing by automating processes, enhancing personalization, optimizing content strategies. Our writers were able to deliver 3x more on the pilot project once we deployed AI tools.
  3. Output analysis: AI tools have been instrumental in analyzing content performance, providing valuable insights into user behavior, engagement metrics, and conversion patterns. We can leverage AI-powered analytics platforms to make data-driven decisions, optimize content strategies, and identify areas for improvement.
Output quality vs time take for AI content creation in Performics india

We at Performics India aim to use generative AI tools to our advantage and optimize our processes and workflow to service our clients with the best possible outcome and relevance considering where the performance marketing industry is headed. Quality content will always be relevant, but the nature of generating that content is changing keeping authenticity and creativity in place.

AI accelerates your content needs, Performics enables the acceleration.


  • Jinesh Nair (Director – Search & Commerce – FMCG, CPG, DTC)