Decoding ONDC: Perspective for Marketers

Joint report by Digital India Foundation and Publicis Groupe

ONDC: A Pivotal Breakthrough

ONDC opens up an exciting new opportunity to democratize ecommerce in India. ONDC aims to:

  • Facilitate a decentralized and an interoperable ecosystem that will encourage widespread participation from all players, big and small, in the retail space.
  • Promote autonomy to enable free movement of value through the supply chain.
  • Enable platform-agnostic discoverability.

Opportunities for Marketers

As an input to our report, we conducted a survey on how ONDC is perceived by senior brand leaders across industries.

ONDC enables multiple opportunities for brands who will register their products on the network.

  • Increased reach, product discoverability
  • Reduction in cost per sale
  • Data and Insights
    • Insights from ONDC network
    • Insight from buyer-side applications
    • Insights from seller-side applications
  • Increased flexibility

Marketers need to build ONDC specific capabilities in five key elements of commerce

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