Mobile Marketing – A Changing Era for Marketers

“For me, the future of mobile marketing lies in connecting the dots between online and offline media.” – Mike Reynolds, Senior Mobile Executive, International Advertising Bureau

Have you ever wondered how much drastic change a device like mobile can make in your life? Can you imagine a day without checking your smartphone device? Probably not. Such is the widespread and inevitable use of mobile has made the marketers think of the new era where marketing will happen majorly via mobile and the shift to this has already started.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy to reach a target audience through their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices, from websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps. Recently, customers have started to shift their attention and money to mobile. Marketers have come up with various channels such as email, pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) (international as well as Local SEO), content marketing, and social media marketing, to reach every part of the audience as per their comfort. It is important to personalize the experience according to customer expectations which might be challenging as well.

Components of Mobile Marketing: 

  • Mobile-friendly websites: Mobile-friendly websites should load fast and fit the screen without the need for zooming. With the new update, the “Mobile Top Stories” feature will be available to any page with a good mobile experience & not just AMP.
  • Mobile-friendly marketing SMS and MMS messages: SMS and MMS messaging are the most important methods to reach customers.
  • Mobile-friendly advertising and landing pages: 69% of mobile users delete email that isn’t optimized for mobile which is why it’s important for the emails to be responsive design and should be optimal to view on any device.
  • Mobile-friendly apps: Mobile apps are most convenient and easy to acquire, engage and convert audiences when it comes to smartphone devices. With Mobile-first indexing, it’s very critical to serve the same content on mobile and desktop when using RWD unlike below different desktop and image versions.

What is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising is a medium to reach consumers via their smartphones. Various ad formats are being utilized which fit the phone’s screen such as text-based ads, banner advertisements, videos, or even mobile games. In India, 50% of the population has mobile and 16% of people do transactions through mobile for e-commerce to purchase and shop.

Covid brought a tremendous shift to mobile advertising making it more crucial. People shifted their purchases and shopped online resulting in low store footfalls which led to the shutdown of outlets. Almost 150 million people shopped for the first time during covid.

Performics helped Rapido, an urban mobility bike provider scale up its share of rides from 17.39% to 22.85% after the covid lockdown was induced through mobile advertising.

Popular formats of Mobile Advertising:

  • Banner Ads: Banner ads are simple and very cheap. They have attractive CTAs and colors, delivering the message immediately after viewing them.
  • Video Ads: According to our video consumption research, there is a 2.7X growth in an astonishing six months. Video ads are more appealing and engaging due to the visuals that help in better recall. The below ad from H & M utilizes the video format for kids during the Christmas season:
  • SMS Marketing: SMS marketing is a quick, easy and convenient medium through which companies send out large bulk SMS messages at once to a group of customers. Hyperlinks can be attached to clicks and customers can unsubscribe if they want.

Benefits of Mobile Advertising:

  • Enhanced reach in real-time: People can be reached at any time through multiple mobile devices. With mobile, we can target consumers based on profiles, data about their demographics, habits, or preferences.
  • Less content: Short and crisp messages with images lead to better marketing results than long messages in ads. The below ad from Disney + Hotstar is appealing yet crisp.
  • Shareable content: With mobile advertising, we can share the content across social media platforms. Ads also go viral if properly curated.
  • Personalization: Personalized ads are the best ways to reach consumers and customize to one person, based on their preferences, previous purchase history, or location.
  • Immediate Engagement: Mobile ads have faster engagement if targeted at the right place and at the right time.

With Performance Marketing in place and the mobile era in being, the advertisers are going to get benefited profoundly if they reach the proper audience and understand what they want. Once you understand the consumer and their requirements, ad creation and delivery will surely result in more profitable results in the future.

Credit: Saumya Pandey