Unlocking Amazon’s Best Sellers Badge to Maximize Conversions

Amazon is one of the Top 3 destinations for online shopping in India with over 100 million users. Maximizing conversions on the platform requires a well-structured and comprehensive marketing strategy which helps gain an initial lift in visibility and build a sustainable growth curve that can support the business in the long run. Read on to know how we created a winning strategy for Sunfeast Farmlite.

Sunfeast Farmlite – A Performics India Case Study

“Biscuits” was a highly competitive category on Amazon with several aggressive players like Oreo vying for top ranks. After the first wave of COVID, Sunfeast introduced new variants to their range of Farmlite products – 5 Seed Digestive, Veda and Nuts Digestive, which offered taste and health benefits.

Our strategy involved building reach and visibility for the products while capitalizing on interested audiences to maintain a healthy inflow of transactions over time.

Step 1 – Building reach & visibility

Context: Farmlite products were new entrants, therefore the initial priority was to generate awareness, market the products as a “healthy & tasty snack” and build consideration.

Action: Since we were trying to create visibility, a strong brand proposition for first-time viewers was essential as it would eventually help with brand recall. The funnel was built with the aim of reaching target audiences using Amazon Sponsored Search ads. Health seekers were displayed the new range of products using Sponsored Brand creatives to catch their attention right at the start of the page. To build consideration within existing buyers of healthy biscuits, we focused on cross-targeting with competitors using refinements like price, review, ratings, etc.

Step 2 – Improving customer acquisition to drive sales

Context: Acquiring new-to-brand audiences and capitalizing on built awareness was the next essential step toward increasing the market share of Farmlite’s products.

Action: Awareness campaigns were run using Sponsored Product ads for the broader “Biscuits” category. Audiences that associated Oats as a healthy substitute for grain were targeted using Sponsored Video ads with the objective of driving first-time buyers.In order to increase reach and consideration, competitor keywords (nutrichoice, mcvities, dukes) were also targeted for the newly launched products.

Result: The above initiatives contributed to an uptick in customer acquisition as well as higher click shares for the “Biscuits” and “Digestive Biscuits” categories.

Percentage of new buyers from new to brand in Q4 vs Q2 in 2011
Improvement in click share of targeted categories in March 2022 vs March 2021

Step 3 – Targeting the Amazon Best Seller Badge for maximizing conversions

Context: With Farmlite’s growing market share, focus shifted towards scaling purchases for the newly launched products. Driving conversions meant that products needed to be pushed aggressively not only via paid ads but also on the organic front.

Analysis: A definitive method to ensure our products garnered the most conversions organically was to secure the #1 Best Sellers badge. Best Sellers calculation is based on Amazon sales and is updated every 1-2 hours to reflect current and historical sales of every item. A product with the highest sales in its category would be awarded the #1 Best Sellers title and conversely, gaining the badge could potentially increase avg. daily glance views by 45% providing an additional boost to conversions.

As per our analysis, the volume of products sold was ~30% higher at Rank #1 compared to Rank #3. Sales volume was 2X higher at Rank #1 compared to Rank #12 for both categories.

Displayed below are examples of “Car & Motorbike” and “Baby Products” showcasing the sales volume trend as product BSR approaches #1:

Car vs motorbike category sales volume as BSR rank lowers
Baby products category sales lift

Note: Data extracted from AMZScout PRO Extension on 14th September 2022

Action: Target audiences were further divided basis affinity towards different biscuits, nutritional products, healthy snacks, millets, oats, ragi, etc. based on past purchase behavior. Analyzing competitors such as Britannia Nutrichoice and McVitie’s Digestive to maintain parity in pricing was the next crucial step for achieving the highest sales for Farmlite products.

Result: Farmlite became the most-clicked brand through Sponsored Product ads as well as Organic searches for top generic and brand keywords.

Biscuit related searches volume

Consequently, 4 products started trending in the Best Sellers rankings for “Digestive Biscuits” with one of the products being awarded the #1 Best Sellers Rank:

Sunfeast farmlite in Amazon
Sunfeast farmlite PDP page
  • Business Impact: Paid efforts (Sponsored Brand, Product & Video ads) + improved organic visibility due to top BSR ranks + #1 Best Sellers badge cumulatively contributed to a 2X Sales Lift for Farmlite’s new range of products

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon’s Best Sellers badge distinguishes products with the best performance based on current and historical sales. The title inspires trust in consumers and offers just the right nudge toward product selection and conversion.
  • Our analysis of 2 prominent product categories (Car and Motorbike, Baby Products) revealed that sales volume was 2X higher at Rank #1 compared to Rank #12 for both categories.
  • While running ad campaigns and creating a robust organic listing help generate higher sales, winning the #1 Best Sellers badge is the definitive answer to maximizing a brand’s conversion potential on Amazon.


  • Kushal Acharya (Associate, Digital Analytics)
  • Ankur Singh (Associate Director, Marketing Science & Digital Analytics)
  • Siddhesh Kharat, Kirtana Nair, Hitesh Rao & the Performics ITC Team