What goes Behind a Successful Content Strategy for the Growth of a Business?

Potential pitfalls to avoid while framing a sound content strategy for your business needs!

Content is key to selling your business. But how far and how often do you come across content that’s enriching and potentially useful? Not always. Several brands and businesses fail at marketing their content the right way and don’t even realize why they’re failing. One of the potential reasons is that there’s a vast ocean of content being churned out on a daily basis that it gets hectic and arduous for a layman to absorb. So, speaking from a brand perspective, it’s highly imperative to get your content layout structured well enough for the consumers to be able to decode. As a business that’s thriving and seeking to develop and grow its content stream, it’s extremely crucial to approach your content in the correct manner to avoid any sort of discrepancies and enable a smooth workflow for the growth of the business.

Provide value and set realistic goals

An important facet of delivering wholesome content is to provide value for your intended audience. Make complete utilization of the web world, find your niche, and stick to it. Content that’s unique and original is bound to attract more viewership. A successful content strategy relies heavily on setting realistic goals. Most brands fail to recognize the power of idealistic goal setting and that’s a big downfall.

The right Target Group can make or break the content

Yes! Deciding on the right target audience is another crucial aspect of a strong content marketing strategy for business growth. Let’s take the example of Procter & Gamble. In 1993, P & G made efficient use of radio drama series to promote a detergent called Oxydol. Their target audience for the product was older women and they managed to gain their loyalty through the radio program. A glaring instance of content marketing gone right thanks to the right target group.

Refine your strategy

According to the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, a 2018 survey of B2B marketers analyses that of the successful marketers, 62% have a documented content strategy whereas of the unsuccessful marketers, only 16% have a documented content strategy. A successful content strategy redefines your content for the business. Start with defining your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), identify the numbers that are important to you, and track them effectively. Also, don’t confuse publishing content with a content marketing strategy as solely relying on blog posts will not result in a successful content marketing campaign for your brand. The right kind of content marketing tools also help in synergizing and efficiently mapping the content strategy for the business.

Listing out a few important content marketing tools that can help expand your business.


With Trello, take your teamwork to the next level as it helps organize and streamline your content with a content publishing calendar and helps devise a suitable content marketing game plan.


Regarded as the all-in-one marketing toolkit, SEMRush helps track keywords that your competitors are bidding on, their organic rankings, how do their search ads appear; SEMRush also aids to check your competitors’ backlinks. It can also help you give SERP features for keywords and help you build a local SEO strategy.

Email marketing

Social media marketing may have captured the audiences’ attention but email marketing still continues to be a force to reckon with. A well-suited email can indeed seal the deal for your business and therefore, email marketing of your content is another important step to ensure the success of a good content strategy for your brand.

Influencer marketing: Tap Influence

A conglomerate of content creators, influencers, and brands, Tap Influence is a preferred community platform for bloggers. This tool enables content managers to create a robust influencer marketing program and it helps to analyze how well your content is performing beyond the blog world.


How about a tool that helps you better understand the activity of your customers? Hubspot comes to the rescue. With Hubspot, it gets easier to decode the exact piece of content that one consumes. It also aids in the creation of ‘content clusters’ wherein you can link all your case studies, e-books, blogs.

Apt usage of social media platforms

Using the correct social media platform to market your content is a very important aspect of the steady growth of your business. For instance, if you’re a B2B brand, LinkedIn can be your go-to choice as it caters to brands and professionals seeking to connect with other brands.

A thorough study of competition

To deliver a spellbinding content strategy, you need to understand your competition. Not just the successful businesses, but it’s also crucial to study what went wrong with unsuccessful business strategies in terms of their approach towards marketing their content. This will enable you to avoid those errors and fill the necessary gaps to add value to your content.

To summarise, quality content with thorough research and understanding of the market is extremely important to deliver a sound content strategy, devoid of any mistakes.

Credits: Prajakta Ajgaonkar