Performics India Excellence Awards Winners – Dec 2021

Performics Excellence Awards Winners – December 2021

Andrea Dias

Andrea is an outperformer. She has continuously showcased her ability to go far and beyond the expectations. She has helped one of her clients with the knowledge-sharing & smooth transition of platform systems during the account transition to Performics.

Aayush Saraiya

Aayush sees a possibility in every challenge. He goes above & beyond to make things happen for his clients. He helped a popular fashion footwear brand to increase RoAS through meticulous research & thorough planning.

Aayushi Patil

Aayushi has taken charge and handled additional responsibilities in the absence of her manager to service the client with not only paid campaigns but also campaign billing. In Q3, new strategies were implemented by Aayushi to improve overall account performance, including search campaigns.

Ambika Vij

Ambika is an authentic transformational individual when it comes to stepping out of the conventional & comfortable zone. With prior experience in performance media, Ambika was given a new role to manage. Despite having no substantial knowledge of the field, she outperformed in her new role.

Anushka Pednekar

Anushka is a task master. When an OTT client was looking for better content strategy. Anushka took up the mantle to not only learn the basics of SEO and understand what was important to Google when it came to content. Anushka also managed to garner praises for her brilliant work by the client.

Dhanya Shetty

Dhanya has taken the concept of ownership to new heights. When a BFSI client with whom we had a 1.5+ year relationship, decided to take a more aggressive approach, Dhanya took the overall ownership and also started tracking & follow-ups with the client on the lags.

Dhruvi Shah

Dhruvi used 360-degree approach for solving problems. She restructured a client’s campaign basis search/ audience intent themes. The entire restructuring helped to scale leads by almost 30%. The feedback shared by Dhruvi helped the client to identify their own call centre issues and learn competition process.

Gunjan Tanna

Gunjan is a shining example of maximizing efforts via timely management and communication. She took the mantle of managing the most crucial project. She maintained consistency across the activities and processes followed, to ensure seamless execution.

Julian Fonseca

Julian is our efficiency champion. He is really a true business partner when it comes to helping the teams in ramping up efforts to grow the business with talent acquisition management. He is a multi-tasker and his meticulous planning has helped the team to achieve winning results for the business

Kushal Acharya

Kushal has changed the game even during the tough times in COVID-19. When the search in India was growing, brands in the health insurance categories were getting poor visibility. Kushal’s focused-driven approach resulted in achieving Top 5 rank for “health insurance”, an improved share of keywords in traffic-driving positions

Kartik Mittal

Kartik is our go-to genius for automation related encounters. Besides donning many hats for one of the large accounts in the FMCG space, he always comes with smart solutions to enhance efficiency. He figured that building an automated reporting solution that helped in a saving 30% of the teams time.

Nikita Agrawal

Nikita has become a beacon of support during resource crunches. A diligent HR professional with a never say never attitude, Nikita has helped various business team across locations to acquire best talent from the digital ecosystem. She has played an instrumental role in saving the overall cost to hire ratio.

Parag Kubal

Sometimes, you just need the right push and Parag is an exemplary example for this. He manages one of the largest BFSI brands and has helped them achieve organic growth exponentially and also amplify assistance through support of inorganic push.

Ronak Jain

Ronak is a genius in optimizing & scaling up campaigns on Google & Facebook. He has helped his clients to explore new avenues to drive incremental growth. His efforts not only helped in achieving the given targets but also increased the overall media spends by 1.5x.

Ruchi Jaiswal

Ruchi makes the impossible, possible. She took complete ownership of Hair Colour account where we have seen a consistent RoAS of 4 and above since July ‘21 ensuring least issues being brought up by the client keeping the scale of the business constant, if not higher, every month.

Rushabh Shah

Rushabh is our OTT-pro & a shinning display of smooth sailing in the OTT waters. He has managed some of the most aggressive & challenging clients in the OTT space. Despite many challenges, Rushabh has been able to quickly turnaround deliverables & shares a great rapport with clients & media partners.

Siddharth Arora

Siddharth is always appreciated by his peers for making special efforts. Post COVID-19, when the requirement for e-commerce media in new business pitches increased significantly. No one was sure if the team could handle the pressure of managing a new growth stream, but he rose to the occasion and did an excellent job.

Swapnil Patil

Swapnil has proven his leadership in the face of crisis. Swapnil’s proactiveness has not only helped all stakeholders of a global OTT client & made them aware of the website health and key actionable steps, but also made the OTT unit more aware of the industry happenings.

Shivani Sumbha

Shivani has always led in the face of uncertainties. She has delivered incremental results to her client with her hard work & dedication. She is task master and worked diligently to improve efficiencies of campaigns. She also impressed the client overall delivery as it helped them achieve their business goals efficiently.

Tanmay Dorugade

A trailblazer in understanding the platforms, figuring out opportunities & devising a plan to achieve them, Tanmay has done a stupendous job in auditing & analysing gaps in a client’s marketplace assets. The client was very impressed with the efforts put behind the insights.

Tanishq Jain

Tanishq is one of the most promising newcomer in the company. Soon after he joined, he didn’t shy away from the steep challenge of taking the ownership for such a complicated business. He surprised everyone with the way he proactively owned an entire project.

Tony Robert

Tony is our perfectionist in the SEO team. One of his accounts posed an never-ending challenges in achieving overall projected traffic. Tony initiated a highly comprehensive content plan along with technical enhancements to uplift SEO performance. Client appreciated us for the efforts and direction.

Vrushali Shinde

Vrushali manages one of the biggest banks in India for their programmatic campaigns. Her efforts resulted in an increased number of lead generation. The overall cost per lead achieved was close to the planned benchmark and 2x less spends on the campaign, along with the client managing to achieve their targets of reaching out to maximum high prospect customers.