Performics India Excellence Awards Winners – July 2021

Performics Excellence Awards Winners – July 2021

Annasha Mukherjee

Annasha Mukherjee was key to integrating SEO and content writing processes, which have traditionally operated in distinct silos. Annasha’s contribution was instrumental in the team delivering 80x the organic traffic in only 7 months.

Anurag Pandey

Anurag took the ownership of building the Performics India website from scratch, his hard work and initiative resulted in a successful web presence that has delivered hundreds of business inquiries and visits in the span of only six months.

Anjali Senapati

Anjali Senapati took over campaign execution and client management entirely, the stellar leadership that she demonstrated was crucial in strengthening client relationships & expanding the business to overseas markets as well.

Chirag Madan

Chirag Madan’s consistency & hard work have reaffirmed Performics’ promise of delivering performance and completely cemented the client’s trust in him; they now reach out to him before they plan a new campaign.

Debarshi Majumder

Debarshi Majumder stepped in & restructured the entire Facebook campaign. He analysed every aspect of the format to understand what appeals the most to audiences & implemented a strategy to increase scalability.

Heth Mehta

Heth Mehta’s client-facing initiatives bridged the gap between the brand & e-commerce teams to increase the scalability of the account. Using personalised strategies for each brand, she was able to innovatively overcome any challenges & exceed the set targets.

Mohan Jobanputra

Mohan Jobanputra the go-to person for innovation, he is known for his ability to successfully apply them to real-world problems. He single-handedly built a Python-powered engine that automated the entire process.

Neha Amarnani

Neha Amarnani took on the responsibility of the Performics website and the LinkedIn page. Neha’s work has spoken for itself. Since she took over the management of the company’s LinkedIn profile, it has become an important source of business information.

Rohit Dixit

Rohit Dixit, the iTitan expert because of his phenomenal work the company now has 60 live iTian dashboards. The clients love this solution, and they now use the platform to track their metrics across all platforms and integrate their internal data with iTitan to conduct analyses.

Riti Jariwala

Riti “Machine gun” Jariwala never has a nickname been as apt as for the copywriter who made 75 creatives, 20 PDPs, & a complete remarketing plan, all in two weeks! When Riti joined, she had no digital marketing experience & was the sole copywriter at Performics.

Ria Moghe

Ria Moghe joined as a fresher with no prior experience in digital market not only did she take ownership of the project, but also began handling client communications, implementing their feedback, asking the right questions to get things done, and learning from other seniors in the team.

Siddhesh Assawa

Siddhesh Assawa was able to juggle the required responsibilities along with their daily duties without a hiccup. In the span of 5 months, 120 articles were implemented and content was refreshed for over 200 pages. Siddhesh’s initiative created waves across brands.

Saurabh Joshi

Saurabh Joshi was a key contributor to Performics becoming a Google Optimize 360 Reseller. He was the one who created & submitted a case study to Google for certification, his hard work led to the clients being able to set up multiple hypotheses about their product design.

Sneha Mhatre

Sneha Mhatre showed enthusiasm that led even the most reluctant of local teams to look forward to her monthly presentations. Through her efforts, the team was able to transform their relationship with the client who will now roll out initiatives with confidence.

Sarah Singh

Sarah Singh took charge of the campaign & identified all opportunities to scale the business, both from the existing media mix and unexplored avenues and familiarised herself with every aspect of the business to avoid irrelevant media exposure.

Sanket Tandalekar

Sanket Tandalekar always arming his team for the battles that lie ahead, Sanket understood all the requirements and designed the entire architecture and data model needed for the deliverables.

Yash Bardia

Yash Bardia helped in making work easier by creating an automated reporting process, he built a dashboard to provide an overall view of all the campaigns and provide helpful insights.

Yash Mehta

Yash Mehta, Banking & Finance wizard leveraged his experience working with over half a dozen BFSI clients in less than 5 years to provide unique insights into the problem and identify roadblocks in the customer acquisition journey.