Performics India’s ‘BFSI & Fintech Immersion Day’ Unveils Path-breaking Trends in the industry.

Performics India, hosted the ‘BFSI & Fintech Immersion Day’ in partnership with Meta. This significant platform showcased the latest advancements in technology and creativity, shaping the future of digital connectivity. The one-day event presented cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches tailored for the BFSI & Fintech players in India, enabling effective business performance management at scale.

The event took place on Wednesday, 14th June 2023, in BKC, Mumbai. Lalatendu Das, CEO of Performics India kicked off the day by laying down the ingredients for innovation. Arun Srinivas, Director & Head of Ads business at Meta India, welcomed the audience with a keynote speech on the exponential growth of Facebook users and Instagram enthusiasts.

Lalatendu Das, CEO of Performics India giving speech in the ‘BFSI & Fintech Immersion Day’ in partnership with Meta
Lalatendu Das, CEO of Performics India

One of the event’s key highlights was an exclusive panel discussion featuring industry titans: Prithvi Chandrasekhar (President and CEO, InCred), Juzer Tambawalla (Director of Sales Enablement, Franklin Templeton), Somesh Surana (Digital Head, HDFC Ergo) and  Yashoraj Tyagi (Chief Operating Officer, CASHe). The esteemed panel was moderated by Anna Soliman, Agency Head, APAC of Meta. These experts shared a number of thought-provoking points around state of BFSI India, challenges industry face while balancing Trust, Customer Experience and regulatory requirements and potential role large technology platforms can play.

The panel discussion was followed by exclusive sessions curated for the BFSI & Fintech fraternity, focusing on key topics:

  • Leveraging Meta Conversion API to enhance marketing campaign performance.
  • Utilizing signals and leads to establish a strong foundation for lead generation, customer segmentation, and targeting.
  • Exploring the role of business messaging in modern marketing campaigns, including chatbots, automated messaging, and the use of messaging platforms to enhance customer engagement.
  • Understanding the impact of Artificial Intelligence in branding for driving marketing campaign performance.
  • Harnessing the power of creators and creativity in driving performance excellence, including personalization, experiential creatives, and short videos to engage audiences.

The event provided thought-provoking sessions, networking opportunities, and interactive discussions, fostering collaboration and innovation within the BFSI and Fintech community. Attendees gained practical knowledge, actionable insights, and valuable connections to stay ahead in this dynamic industry.

Performics India larger vision:

Over last couple of years, Performics India has been investing to create Industry specialization. Performics India identifies Banking and Financial Services, FinTech and Insurance as a key focus area and serves a large portfolio of brands in this Industry. By harnessing the latest trends and technologies, and proprietary benchmark data, Performics India aim to assist BFSI & Fintech brands in improving their performance and leaving a lasting impact on their target audiences. Beyond media and SEO, Performics India further extends its support by providing creative expertise, forging creator partnerships, overseeing program management, and facilitating performance measurement and analytics for its clients.

Performics India, hosted the ‘BFSI & Fintech Immersion Day’ in partnership with Meta
Performics x Meta