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May Core Algorithm Update 2022 – Performics Impact Report

Quick Recap on May Core Algorithm 2022 Preliminary Study

Impact Observed on Keyword Rankings:

Impact observed on Keyword ranking across regions and verticals

Impact Observed on Organic Impressions:

Impact observed on organic impressions across regions and verticals

Timeline/Status of this Core Update:

DetailsRoll Out DateCompletion Date
May Core Algorithm Update 202226th May 20229th June 2022

No. of Days for Complete Roll Out: 14 Days or 2 Weeks

Observation Post the Complete Roll out of May Core Update (9th June 2022)

Premises: Brands/Platforms depending heavily on Business & Lateral content, to drive majority of their visibility on Organic Search, were affected the most.

Case in Point: Brands under the FMCG umbrella, have seem majority impact with both & DTC platforms seeing an average of 65% depreciation. BFS is a close second, with an average negative trend of 22%. Automobile saw a small but highly significant change, leading to 20% improvement in CTRs.

What is Google & the Industry saying about this:

ObservationImpact on FMCG/BFS/Automobile
Programmatic Content has been de-prioritizedContent created @ scale with multiple focus articles on the same topic with minimal uniqueness, resulting in loss of rankings
Templatized Content affectedDTC platforms depending on repetitive content frameworks across categories have seen a drop in organic visibility
Results within Featured Snippets were impactedContent created to manipulate Featured Snippets from either Business or Lateral pages, has seen a drop
Brand websites have trumped aggregatorsAutomobile Brand sites have seen organic success over popular aggregator platforms
Google will aim to provide instant answers for relevant queriesCTR lost for queries that demand instant answers
Content inaccessible with ease, DeprioritizedDeeper URLs, inefficient content serving due to poor framework, failing for CWV, AD or CTA heavy content was most impacted

End Note basis the Core Observation in the Cohort

  • Focus on sharpening Hero-Hub content strategies. Building unnecessary hubs is leading to poor experience
  • To start with, use AI as a source of intelligence and not content
  • To maintain content sanctity and avoid impact of programmatic content, group or cluster SKUs to emphasize on a pagination like approach
  • Answer questions that are meant to be. Providing information as a direct answer to manipulate Featured Snippets can be avoided
  • Priority content to be served to end users within 15MB of our content Refer link

Credits: Gaurav Jhala & Suresh Kumar

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