Digital Marketing Services

Participation Accelerates Performance

We started the category of performance marketing agency sixteen years ago and we continue to evolve it today.

Performics now proudly offers a holistic, end-to-end performance marketing solution.  We have five fully integrated practices with a subset of services that, whether selected ala carte or integrated strategically at the enterprise level, can redefine your digital marketing approach. 



We feel the integration of these practices is paramount to the value they drive. To illustrate, our Analytics & Technology team provide underlying behavior data that powers audience profiles and holistic strategy by our Planning & Insights team. That group in turn leads the way for an integrated media activation plan to deliver audiences and an optimized content plan to drive actions from the Performance Media and Performance Content teams, respectively.

A Client Solutions team coordinates all of this work, owning client relationships and ensuring alignment with brand strategy while Analytics & Technology continues to offer real-time measurement and optimization opportunities to move the needle for every project or program.

Forget media types, language barriers and in-house silos. Our matrixed organization is built to drive the relentless pursuit of results across all obstacles. 


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