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Participation Accelerates Performance


We know what you want from a digital marketing solution: performance.

But guess what? Today, you have the opportunity to redefine what performance means. Because today, the total value exchange between you and your customers equals more than just dollars and clicks.

You know that at the heart of performance marketing relationships are people, but do you view your customer as a consumer or a participant? At Performics, we encourage our clients to adopt a shift in thinking. We believe "participant" properly conveys the power people have to choose how and when they will engage with your brand -- how they will PARTICIPATE with you. Our focus is motivating participation online and offline, and participant marketing drives results like no other digital marketing methodology.

We started the category of performance marketing agency even before we became legendary in search marketing, and we continue to evolve it. The results speak for themselves. Forrester has named Performics an industry "leader" in its industry benchmarking study, and we have many case studies demonstrating significant wins over and over again.

What is Insight - Activate - Elevate?


It's a simplified way to organize the myriad tactics that we use in activating performance through participant marketing:

Understand Your Participants: INSIGHT

Make more informed decisions when you know what motivates your participants. Throughout the life of campaigns, our dedicated staff in Research & Analytics help unlock insights and strategies to identify more potential customers and what's unique about them.

Integrate across Channels, Create Content and Experiences: ACTIVATE

Participants demand a seamless experience. We provide a holistic and integrated strategy because we recognize Participants use an array of devices and screens. And, they expect to find you on all of them easily, and represented by uniform experiences. People want to engage with you, but you have to earn it and we help you get there. From social media listening to display advertising campaigns, we have a deep toolkit of options to use.

Optimize, Connect and Amplify Participation: ELEVATE!

Take it higher through a combination of optimization and connectivity. Get more from every investment you make – measurable and accountable, yes, but adding in advanced tactics such as dynamic landing page testing and integrated social media advertising significantly increases the returns. Once we unlock Participation and connect through people to their personal networks, you can really see the echo effect take hold.

Participants rule our world. Let them rule yours, too.

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