Revealed: The UK’s Funny Christmas Search Queries

With Christmas fast approaching, UK retailer Next and Zenith UK looked into some of the funniest things people search for on Google during the festive period.

Using search data from Google from September 2015 to August 2019, the teams uncovered a collection of festive gems on everything from illegal mince pies to alternative food options (anyone for Christmas dinner in a can?).

In December 2018:

  • 12,100 searches for “is McDonald’s open on Christmas”
  • 8,100 searches for “rose gold Christmas decorations”
  • 6,600 searches for “Christmas dinner in a can”
  • 5,400 searches for “baby Christmas pudding outfit”
  • 3,600 searches “how old is Father Christmas?”
  • 720 searches for “is it illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day”
  • 110 searches for “how to tell family you’re not hosting Christmas”

Source: Google Keyword Planner, UK, December 2018

Let the Countdown Commence

Whether it’s the thrill of gift giving or the excitement of post-turkey charades, UK residents are getting pretty impatient (they’re probably not alone in this).

The campaign found over 3,000 searches each for “is it Christmas yet” and “how many seconds until Christmas” last December alone; while other users took it back to basics entirely to ask “when is Christmas” over 33,000 times.

Some UK folk even sought validation for dusting off the decorations months in advance, asking “is October too early to decorate for Christmas” nearly 400 times between October 2018 and December 2018.

Ditching Traditional Christmas Dinner

Some people are keen to avoid Christmas dinner prep at all costs, opting to eat out or find a quicker, more convenient solution – like “Christmas dinner in a can” (6,600 searches in December 2018).

Many UK residents asked “is McDonald’s open on Christmas” more than 12,000 times last December, with others searching for carvery, pizza and popular takeaway options. Meanwhile a few would rather not host the festivities at all, with 110 UK searches for “how to tell your family you’re not hosting Christmas” (up 100% from December 2017).

Deck the Halls with Fancy Decor

When decorating the home for the festive period, analysis revealed that some in the UK seek out highly niche décor like “roman Christmas décor” and “toilet paper decorations for Christmas”. Perhaps they’re planning to show these off to the full, with a few even searching for “where can I buy a rotating Christmas tree stand”.

Others strive for the best of both worlds with “Halloween themed Christmas tree”, while some want to forget this item altogether and find “ways to decorate for Christmas without a tree”.

And some lavish Brits spare no expense, with 1,600 searches for “most expensive Christmas crackers” in December 2018.

Naughty OR Niche?

When trying to find gift ideas, it seems a few in the UK are searching quite specifically – focusing on the hobbies or personality traits of the recipients to come up with the best possible gift.

Some search by profession: “what to get a tech guy for Christmas” and “what to get a nutritionist for Christmas” while others search by hobby: “what to get a crossfitter for Christmas”. Meanwhile, a few face a near impossible task, Googling “what to get a boyfriend for Christmas who has everything”.

Take a look at the full findings on the Next UK website.

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Search data sourced from Google Keyword Planner (UK region, September 2015-August 2019).