Intent Lab: Consumers rate Amazon, Gaming and Video Streaming Platforms as most trusted

According to new research from Performics and Northwestern University, consumers rate Amazon, gaming and video streaming platforms as the most trusted

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During the pandemic, consumers are looking to digital platforms for nearly every aspect of their lives.  At the same time, trust in digital platforms is declining, according to a new study by the Intent Lab, a research partnership between Performics and Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media and Integrated Marketing Communications.

The Intent Lab has been tracking consumers’ satisfaction with their digital experiences since Q2 2016, and trust is at the core. Consumer trust in digital experiences reached its lowest point in October 2018.  Since October 2018, trust rose, but has now fallen again over the past 6 months.

Social media, ecommerce, gaming and video/audio streaming platforms are experiencing a surge in usage, but consumers don’t always trust information from these platforms.  Consumers rate Amazon as the most trusted platform, with Google and Apple following.  Consumers most trust information from video platforms (53%), commerce (45%) and gaming (44%), with social media far behind (25%). 

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