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Highlighted below are some of this week’s emerging trends and insights. As trends emerge and change, you will see that the topics covered each week may also vary. United States Channel Insights Mobile

  • Study: More Than 30 Percent Of Consumers “Mobile Only”
    • Roughly half of survey respondents believe mobile is the “most important resource” in their purchase decision-making.
    • The study found mobile shoppers in this mode were focused on reviews, business locations/contact info and coupons:
      • 53% of mobile shoppers called a business (local numbers preferred 3 to 1 vs. toll free)
      • 65% sought to complete purchases within a day
      • 64% of conversions happened offline
  • Forrester Report: The New Mobile Mind Shift Index
    • A new Forrester Research report presents a Mobile Mind Shift Index to help you answer that question. The Shift is the degree to which users expect they can get their mobile device will do what they want, when they want it. The Index has three parts:
      • An Intensity Score shows how immersed customers are in mobile experiences. It determines, on a scale of 0 to 100, “how intensely people use interactive mobile devices” based on how often they interact and the diversity of locations where they do their interacting.
      • An Expectation Score shows what customers expect from the company in question. Also a scale to 100, it relies on a series of questions.
      • And the Behavior Scores “tell you whether they’re ready to communicate, consume, or transact.” Key indicators: reading email, texting, reading news, watching video, or making a purchase on a mobile device.
    • Once you’ve determined the appropriate level of investment, leverage a new discipline we call the IDEA cycle. Identify mobile moments, design the mobile engagement, engineer processes and systems for mobile, and analyze results to monitor performance and improve outcomes.
    • Performics employees can access the full report here.


  • Google Launches Search Removal Request Form
    • Following the European Union “Right to be Forgotten” court ruling, Google has now launched a new form to allow people to submit removal requests to the search engine.
    • The form requires that those who submit the form submit a valid form of photo ID to complete the request.
      • It does, however, allow users to request removals for others, provided they are acting for that person, such as a spouse or lawyer.
    • The form defaults to only submit a single URL for removal but you can add additional as needed, but Google requests an explanation for each one.
  • Google Launches Partner Select, A Programmatic Video Ad Marketplace For Premium Content
    • Google argues that while publishers invest in premium, high-quality video content, this content isn’t always easy to access for advertisers.
    • As a part of Partner Select, the company is giving marketers and publishers the ability to also make direct, reservation-based sales through its platform.
    • Google says this will simplify the buying process, which today can often include “days of back-and-forth negotiations, dozens of phone calls and sometimes, yes, a fax machine.”


  • Facebook adds targeting, call-to-action to video ads
    • Facebook video spots are getting new interactive components meant to drive more views for brands.
    • Now, brands can create standard video ads—not to be confused with Facebook’s premium auto-play spots—with a “video views” option, which is designed to show commercials to the users most likely to watch them.
    • Brands can target consumers who have watched their content before, and the features appear to aimed at marketers who don’t have Fortune 500 budgets.
    • Also, the videos could include a call-to-action such as a link to more content on a brand’s website.
  • Pinterest opens ads to everyone with self-serve product
    • Pinterest’s new Promoted Pins product will enable its partners to only pay the company if users actually click through and view the content they’re promoting.
    • In that way, Pinterest’s those ads aren’t that different from conversion-based links that might appear alongside Google’s search results, or performance-based display ads sold on a cost-per-click basis.
    • Pinterest still needs to figure out the optimal mix of Promoted Pins to content shared by other Pinners in a user’s feed. And it hopes to make sure that users will want to click on Promoted Pins that do show up in their feeds.

Industry Insights Acquisitions

  • Apple Acquires Spotsetter, A Social Search Engine For Places
    • Spotsetter, a social search engine using big data to offer personalized recommendations as to places to go, has been snapped up by Apple.
    • The technology, which involves layering social data on top of a maps interface could be used to beef up Apple Maps with features competitor Google lacks.
    • Initially available as a web and mobile application, Spotsetter used a patent-pending algorithm to pull in users’ content from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, as well as venue content from over 30 review sites and lists from trusted sources like Yelp, Zagat, the New York Times, Michelin, and TripAdviser.

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