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Posted by Cristina Lucero and Christina Mannarino, Performics Research & Insights Team

Highlighted below are emerging trends and insights from the week of August 7, 2011:

United States

Channel Insights

Mobile & Tablet

– Tablets and Advertising: Two Types of Revolutions in the Making (ClickZ).

  • Creative revolution – In the post-PC era, we have devices that can do all sorts of things such as respond to voice commands.
    • Ads built specifically for mobile and tablet devices will clearly spark a new generation of creativity that will produce some absolutely amazing new things.
  • Strategic revolution – Moving beyond “location-aware applications” that know where you are to situation-aware applications will know what you are and what is going on around you.
    • The shift to situation-aware applications is going to change advertising at a strategic level because it will open up new opportunities to be relevant with messages and offers, all of which will take advantage of the unique qualities of the tablet device.
  • Read the full story here.


– Mobile Search Strategies For Online Retail (Search Engine Land).

  • A good price will seal the deal for the online retailer, many will wait to purchase until they are home – Mobile-specific coupon codes are a low-tech way to solve for this.
  • Reviews for a specific product are a common class of search terms, even in mobile search – Landing page tests can determine what will get these shoppers to finally open their wallet.
  • As mobile becomes more popular, it gives search marketers a great option for contacting potential customers at multiple points in the buying cycle.
  • Read the full story here.

– comScore Releases July 2011 U.S. Search Engine Rankings.

  • Yahoo became the big winner for the month. Search query market share rose to 16.1% in July, from 15.9% in June.
  • Google fell slightly to 65.1% from 65.5% in June. Microsoft and Ask remained flat at 14.4% and 2.9%, respectively. AOL rose to 1.5% from 1.4%.
  • The search alliance between Bing and Yahoo may have been a contributing factor to the uptick on Yahoo.


– Digital ads drive clicks and conversions among high-income web users (eMarketer).

  • While the readiness to take an action is slightly higher (61%) among participants in households earning less than $100,000, when it comes to awareness and making an actual purchase, affluents over indexed.
  • High-income participants  even seem receptive to behavioral targeting, with 37% saying that when on the internet they are most likely to pay attention to “ads relevant to activities I happen to be thinking about, whatever website I happen to be on.”

Season Topics

Back To School

– Back-to-School Shoppers Use Mobile and Social for Bargains (eMarketer).

  • Shoppers are not splurging—basic school supplies are the No. 1 category purchased across the board—but a majority are planning to spend close to or more than last year
  • Buying in-store is favored over the web, however, the internet is viewed as a valuable source for finding better deals and discounts.
  • An increase in the use of social media and smartphones to aid the back-to-school shopping process is one of the biggest changes from years past.
  • Even though social media and mobile are not always top of mind for parents, retailers are attempting to engage shoppers through these means.

– Paid-Search Back-To-School Tips And Trends (MediaPost).

  • Paid-search campaigns continued to boost online retail revenue in July. Marketers spent 10% more on campaigns in July and clicks peaked on Monday, July 25.
  • For the month of July, paid-search clicks remained flat, barely moving 1%. Conversion rates rose 22%, which marks the seventh consecutive month of double-digit growth compared with 2010, providing further evidence that optimization and paid-search dollars have become more efficient.
  • Back-to-school should mean more than school supplies to marketers. Don’t restrict demographic targeting — and be sure to communicate deals and coupons.
  • Read the full story here.

– Tips to ace back-to-school m-commerce (Internet Retailer).

  • Retailers should develop a comprehensive mobile strategy to strengthen their m-commerce services – This includes taking advantage of the build-in features of smartphones.
  • Devising a way to measure the effectiveness of mobile commerce is essential because most participants expect the mobile experience to be as good as or better than the in-store experience.
  • Listening to users is essential. It gives you the foundation to evolve your mobile site and adapt it based on their feedback.
  • Read the full story here.

– Serious inflation is forcing retailers into back-to-school price wars (MarketWatch).

  • Apparel, the season’s top-selling category for school-aged children, is bracing for the first major cotton-led cost inflation of as much as 20% the first time in at least a decade.
  • Meanwhile, stores are opting to raise prices on products catering to more affluent shoppers, or are more exclusive to their offerings that will give them more pricing power.
  • “Low prices continue to be what will bring customers to stores… Retailers are getting more scientific about which items they put on promotions versus the items they leave on regular prices. There’s a delicate balance. You have to be very sharp with those top selling items.”
  • Read the full story here.


– Retail TouchPoints: 2011 Holiday Outlook Report

  • For the 2011 holiday season, savvy retailers are embracing new channel opportunities (i.e. social media, mobile web sites, and SMS) in order to amp up customer loyalty and optimize the browsing and buying experience.
  • Targeting participants via mobile by linking deals to texts is one way to maximize exposure.
  • Assortment, inventory and space optimization can deliver impressive results for retailers in today’s challenging economy
  • Read the report here.

Global Insights

Channel Insights

Mobile & Tablet

– Apple Dominates The European Tablet Market, But There’s Room For Competition (Forrester).

  • Europe is, and will be, a huge market for tablets. Forrester is projecting that EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) will account for 14.5 million or 30% of worldwide participant tablet sales in 2011.
  • Outside the UK, Apple could be vulnerable to competition.
  • No competitor has met Apple’s challenge – Non-iPad tablet competition is quite fragmented and iPad competitors’ prices are too high, and no competitor has matched Apple on content or channel strategy.

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