AdWords Now Breaking Out Search Traffic between Google and Search Partners

Posted by Matt Miller, Senior Manager, Search Marketing

Google just took a huge step towards transparency by announcing that they’ve added an additional level of detail into the way campaign performance is reported.  Instead of just dividing statistics into search and the content network, Google is now showing:

(1)    A set of stats for Google

(2)    A set of stats for the content network

(3)    A set of stats aggregating performance from the partners, which include AOL, and may smaller engines

AdWords allows each campaign’s performance statistics to be broken up by different combinations, i.e. “Split: all search/content network” or “Split: Google search/search partners/content network” or “Only show: search partners.”

This additional level of detail, along with the geo-targeting information Google released last month, will give us more visibility into the performance of campaigns on the Google partner network, and thus greater ability to optimize our client’s search spend.  We’d like to eventually see statistics broken up by each publisher (i.e. AOL or, but this is a big step in the right direction.

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