App Install Ads: Emerging Opportunities to Promote Your Best Mobile Experiences

Post by Dan Malachowski, Marketing Director, and Nonie Carson, Marketing Specialist

Today, more than 80% of mobile consumers spend time on mobile apps. The mobile app business is rapidly growing and both Apple’s and Google’s app stores now have over 1 million mobile applications. This has spurred Google, Bing/Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter and others to focus on providing mobile app install ad opportunities for advertisers—to spur mobile users to downloads apps vs. using mobile sites.  Last year, mobile app install ads drove 30% of total mobile ad revenue, a 3.6 billion dollar market.

At the start, Facebook mobile app installs led the way, sparking both impressive performance and revenue gains and positioning mobile as a dominant source of ad revenue for the social platform.

In August 2014, Google joined Facebook in rolling out mobile app install ads to help brands promote their mobile applications. Mobile app install ads allow users to easily download apps by linking directly to the Google Play Store (for Android users) or Apple’s app store (for iOS users).  Google provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to gain visibility and drive mobile app installs as it has an 87% share of the mobile search market in the U.S.  Google’s install ads are available on Google’s Search and Display Network, as well as YouTube.

In addition, Twitter and Yahoo Gemini are helping brands jump on the app install bandwagon to capitalize on the growing market and provide better experience for mobile users.

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Oftentimes, mobile applications are more user-friendly and provide superior experience vs. mobile-optimized sites. Brands like mobile app installs ads because they have high click-through rates and quantifiable return on investment.  In addition, brands can track mobile users’ actions within an app, providing more audience and targeting insights to achieve profitable campaign results.


A large Performics financial client sought to promote and build awareness for its mobile banking app. The main objective for the client was to drive app downloads and target the bank’s current customers. The client was having difficulty getting its customers to use the award-winning mobile app they had developed; customers were in the habit of using the mobile-optimized site, which didn’t provide an optimal user experience.

A popular route to the client’s online banking site was through Google search.  Thus, this created the perfect opportunity to educate customers and raise awareness for the mobile app: activating mobile app install ads. Google’s install ads allowed customers searching for the site to immediately download the app.

This strategy quickly drove 16,000 new app downloads and was a cost-effective adoption tactic for the client. The campaign fulfilled all its objectives, achieving reach and resonance. Additionally, our client integrated mobile app install ads as part of its long-term strategy for mobile banking.  A renewed campaign drove an additional 20,000 downloads in just two months.

Very soon, mobile traffic will surpass desktop.  In this age of mobile, all brands must consider whether they are putting forth the best mobile experiences for users; oftentimes, this is your mobile app.  Take advantage of new mobile app install ad opportunities through the search engines, social networks and display networks to promote your best experiences.

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