April: Digi Digest Feature

Whether it’s for groceries, clothes, or the latest and greatest tech, we are all shoppers. Understanding the intent behind why consumers make decisions during their shopping experience is extremely important, as this knowledge has the capacity to positively impact the success of campaigns by increasing the precision of their targeting. Please take a look at the articles included below, which contain insights relative to the shopping category!

Amazon Search Rankings | Under 5 Minute Read

Sales rank, items sold or fulfilled by Amazon, keywords in product title, prime eligible products, and discounts represent the key factors that increase the visibility of a product on Amazon.

The Impact of Social Media on Shopping | 5 Minute Read

Social media activities of digital buyers across the globe, most notably reading reviews, receiving promotional offerings, and viewing ads, are influencing their shopping behavior.

Digital Car-Buying Interactions | 10 Minute Read

An investigation of the intent behind the digital actions associated with the car-buying process using an individual case study.

Search > Social | 5 Minute Read

In the shopping category, search drives approximately ten times more traffic to websites when compared to social media.

Lackluster VR Interest | 5 Minute Read

Over half of internet users worldwide are not interested in purchasing a VR headset, with the intent behind this sentiment most often related to price, visual quality, and compatibility.

Why Pickup In-Store Options Are Growing | 5 Minute Read

Researching products before visiting a store is a popular activity among consumers in the US and UK, who often do this to save a few dollars or get their hands on purchases earlier.

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