April Gem Award: Shawn Meade, Media Manager, Performance Media

Shawn-Meade-headshotWhy Shawn is our April Gem:

Nominated by Josh Roland and Michael Troyer

This is a story.  This is a story about perseverance.  This is a story about drive.  This is a story about unparalleled work ethic.  This is a story about a GEM.

Shawn is not the flashy employee who needs to be seen or heard, but instead is the quiet man in the background who may not say anything during meetings but is quietly devising a plan for execution at all times. Shawn has almost single handedly planned, built, and grown a client’s business and has opened up opportunities for additional business from the client in the process. Shawn is a Performics GEM and unknowingly acts as an example to everyone around him for how one should carry themselves at all times.

Shawn’s work ethic and attitude are unmatched, and he is the consummate professional.  His dedication to his role, his team, and his work is something that should be strived for by each and every team member within Performics.  Shawn’s contributions to the team have frequently been extraordinary, but he does not ask for recognition.  He understands that he has a responsibility, executes well beyond his title, and goes on about his day.

Shawn’s incredible work ethic, his drive for performance, and his dedication to Performics as well as his team, should to be recognized formally through the GEM award.  Shawn is a perfect example of what the GEM stands for: Move this business forward irrespective of your title or expectations anyone may have for you or your role, and have no concept of “above and beyond” because you believe in the bottom of your heart that it is simply the right thing to do.

Shawn’s Gift Selection:

Two new motorcycle motors for his bikes! (Specifically a 550cc motor replacement for his 1972 Honda and a 1250cc Big Bore conversion kit for his Harley Davidson Sportster motor).

About The Gem Award:

Performics Gem award is a peer-to-peer employee recognition program within Performics U.S. that recognizes outstanding performers who embody Performics mantra: Motivate participation, drive performance and optimize for action. Launched in January 2015, Performics selects one “Gem” each month based on peer nomination to receive a personalized gift valued at $1,200.


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