August: Digital Digest Feature

Advances in the digital space continue to have a large impact on how we interact with the physical world. In many regards, this impact has been positive, allowing consumers to access entertainment or travel the world. However, the effects of this transformation have also had negative consequences, such as an increase in fraud. Please enjoy the following pieces that explore both of these realities associated with the convergence of our digital and physical worlds!

Let’s Get Away

Lower oil prices and an increased desire for leisure travel within China’s middle class are driving growth in the digital travel sector.

Fear Of Fraud

Due to the fact that there are higher fraud rates and fewer regulatory structures in Brazil and Mexico compared to the US and Canada, internet users in the former two countries are much more concerned about fraud.


In an effort to adapt to their customers, B2B companies are looking to build and enhance their ecommerce capabilities.

I’ll Use My Mobile Wallet

The primary two reasons why internet users in the US and UK leverage mobile wallet technology are to take advantage of loyalty programs and coupons.

Digital Shopping Path To Purchase

While most shopping experiences that begin on a PC end with this same device, many purchase journeys that start on a mobile device are finalized on computers as well.

Digital Video Arrives

The number of digital video platform viewers is increasing and will continue to do so, with future growth being driven by mobile.

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