August Gem Award: Michael Fehn, Senior Analyst, Analytics & Technology

July Gem Award: Archie Reyes, Process Manager, Performance Media
October 25, 2016
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October 26, 2016

August Gem Award: Michael Fehn, Senior Analyst, Analytics & Technology

Michael Fehn

Why Michael is our August Gem:

Nominated by Maira Grylli, Analytics Manager, Analytics & Technology

Mike is not only our automation wizard at the New York Office supporting four major accounts but also an integral part of our NYC Analytics team.

Mike is smart, curious, patient and confident. Mike has had the opportunity to work on high visibility projects such as forecast and developing customized products for our clients.

Mike is an all-star and what’s amazing is that he probably doesn’t even realize it, which is why I truly believe he should be this month’s GEM.


“Mike is a magical magical wizard, and our New York City office’s secret weapon. He is magical because he has created a plethora of tools, both automating and analyzing large data sets that has saved over 7,000 hours on one of our clients.”Teresa Hsu, Group Media Director, Performance Media

“Mike has made some groundbreaking changes…from creating a brand new reporting dashboard (saving countless team hours), to sprucing up our forecasting, and helping us to reinvent branding campaigns. Mike possesses the rare combination of brilliance and humility – the hallmarks of a true Performics employee.”Sami Tabibi, VP, GAD, Performance Media

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