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Post by Adriana Simandl, Media Manager

Managing B2B Paid Search is different from B2C Paid Search. Because the products and services offered by B2B companies are usually more expensive and require more research and consideration, they typically have a longer sales cycle.

Often times, the final sale happens a few steps after the online conversion, after the leads have been filtered through a sales team. With a strong presence on the SERP, B2B brands can be there for customers throughout the sales journey by building brand awareness, assisting with research, and driving conversions.

Here are some tips to enhance your B2B Paid Search strategies:

Understand Goals & Expectations

Decide what success will look like ahead of time and which metrics should be measured. Brands should have a clearly defined goal, whether it’s brand awareness, lead generation or an actual sale. The metrics that are optimized will weigh heavily on the goals you set.

Regardless of the goal, it’s important to keep in mind that B2B search traffic and conversions will be lower than B2C, simply because there are more B2C searchers. However, because the value of a sale is so much higher for B2B, the potential return on investment is incomparable.

Take Advantage of Ad Scheduling

Searches with higher intent to convert for B2B offerings will be more prevalent during business hours and on weekdays, so you’ll likely notice higher click-through rates and conversion rates during these times. Ad schedules allow marketers to set specific bid modifications to increase or decrease bids for certain days and times. Setting these up can potentially save you lots of money and ensure you are pushing bids during those critical high converting time periods.

Provide a Quality Customer Experience

You want your visitor to land on a landing page that can be easily navigated with a clear call-to-action. For example, for driving leads, it’s important to make sure it’s easy to identify how to submit a lead on the site. Unique landing pages are also a good way to keep people on the path to purchase without allowing them too many options to stray.

Develop Tailored Ad Copy

Tailored ad copy that is consistent with the messaging on the landing page will not only help increase a quality score, but keep the wrong visitors from clicking in the first place. Often times, B2B clients will capture a lot of B2C “consumer” traffic, especially if there are overlapping categories. Tailoring ad copy to clearly identify the product solution will help divert irrelevant traffic and save money on wasted consumer click traffic.

Take Advantage of Remarketing

Since these are usually larger purchases, conversions may not happen on the first or second search. Using remarketing initiatives, marketers can target those individuals that come back to their site with specialized messaging. Since they’ve already shown intent, they’re likely further down the funnel and could be closer to converting.

Target Specific Audience Segments

A B2B audience is more niche than B2C, so identifying key audience segments is important, but it can take some time. Once historical data is developed, it’s much easier to target specific business verticals or segments of a market. A great way to do this is by creating ad groups with keywords relevant to the audience segment and aligning ad copy to the needs of that group.

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March 7, 2017

B2B Paid Search Tips

Post by Adriana Simandl, Media Manager Managing B2B Paid Search is different from B2C Paid Search. Because the products and services offered by B2B companies are […]

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