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Post by Lucy Scanlon, Group Account Director, Performics Worldwide

The Client Solutions Centre of Excellence (CS COE) team was lucky enough to attend this year’s global leadership conference. The conference brings together over 100 Performics leaders from around the world for two jam packed days of workshops, presentations and guest speakers designed to set everyone up for this year’s mission to SOAR (a clever acronym for Scaling Operations to Advance Results).


SOAR_LucyThis year, the CS COE had the privilege of running the conference workshops, and the theme of the workshops was strongly centered on how we scale as a global network. When we say “scale”, we mean how we push the boundaries of harmonization, standardization and alignment in critical areas of our practice so that we can deliver an outstanding level of program sophistication for our clients.

Our inspiration for this theme was taken from the tremendous successes Apple Inc. has seen through similar efforts. Now, Apple may seem like a peculiar company to include in a discussion about standardization, considering they are a business that has challenged us to ‘think differently’. But, during his time as CEO, Steve Jobs instilled a culture inside Apple that united every single person, from top executives to sales associates. Jobs set high expectations and goals for himself and the entire organization to support and advocate Apple’s unique story: their approach to product design and development. From this culture and unity, Apple achieves an exceptional level of innovation and productivity that has transformed the once struggling business and also transformed industries such as computing, music and home electronics. This was enough inspiration to recognize that with the significant growth period Performics has been through in the last five years, there would be nothing greater than bringing together our leaders from around the world, to workshop how we can push for more harmony, alignment and unity as a global organization.

So with that, the CS COE went underground and started developing ideas, fleshing out the plan and working through logistics. The planning part of the workshops would be a huge learning curve for us – we had to think absolutely every scenario through, in order to pull it off – with so many brilliant people in the room, we wanted to really make most of the time we had together.


Finally, after months of preparation, the CS COE team, along with the Performics Dubai planning committee, set off on the 7,227 mile journey across the Atlantic and over the top of North Africa to get to our final destination: Dubai.

Just like the conference, the workshops were a huge success. With attendees broken out into groups made up of a diverse mix of markets, everyone got to meet and work with someone new.  The workshops were based on real industry and business challenges and the brief was clear: to rally round core values without compromising local nuances, culture and consumer behaviors. By the end of the second workshop we had some great ideas and new approaches which we’ll be embedding within the business to accelerate our practice areas.


SOAR_Lucy 2The CS COE team are now looking at how we can run these workshops with each and every one of our 1,600+ Performance Marketing Specialist globally. We love the idea that this activity isn’t exclusive to the market leaders and that all employees will be going through the same exercise.

We can’t wait to gather new and exciting ways of working from our local specialists as well as our country leaders so we’re really looking forward to planning Dubai workshops phase two.

April 22, 2016

SOARing by Uniting as a Global Network

Post by Lucy Scanlon, Group Account Director, Performics Worldwide The Client Solutions Centre of Excellence (CS COE) team was lucky enough to attend this year’s global […]

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