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Posted by Cristina Lucero, Research Associate

Black Friday is finally here!  Here are a few last minute trends and tips to get you ready for the big shopping weekend:


  • 44% of participants plan to use social media sites when holiday shopping this year.  (Deloitte).  Many retailers are running Facebook campaigns to engage shoppers and promote deals.  (Internet Retailer).  In fact, 74% of retailers plan to use their Facebook pages to engage shoppers this Black Friday; up from 57% last year.  (BIG Research).  NRF reports that 17.3% of shoppers will monitor retailers’ Facebook pages on Black Friday, and 11.3% will check group-buying sites like Groupon and LivingSocial.
  • 40% of e-commerce transactions included free shipping in Q3 2011 (comScore)
  • Apps are big this holiday, including ShopSavvy, which allows shoppers to scan a product’s bar code to see if they’re getting the best deal, and Snaptell, which enables shoppers to snap pictures of products to see reviews and prices from various stores


  • Deals, deals, deals!  Ensure your ad copy and landing pages are promoting your best deals.
  • Separate your desktop and mobile paid search campaigns.  Copy and bid strategies will differ by device.  For instance, mobile users are likely looking for your store while desktop users are more likely to buy online.
  • Don’t forget tablets!  Separate tablet and smartphone campaigns as shoppers use these devices differently (i.e. tablet users are more likely to peruse results).
  • Use ad extensions, especially on mobile.  This includes sitelinks, location extensions, click-to-call and Google Offers to make it easy for searchers to find your store, call your store or find a coupon.
  • Free shipping!  comScore reports that 61% of shoppers are “at least somewhat likely” to abandon their shopping carts if they’re charged for shipping.  Thus, free shipping often determines whether a shopper buys from you or moves to a competitor.
  • Leverage your social properties.  Shoppers will be looking to your social media pages for promotions and deals.  Ensure you’re active on Facebook this Black Friday; in addition, tweet your best deals to your followers.  Use Twitter to promote holiday campaigns by creating hashtags to connect with shoppers.

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