Best Practices for Hispanic Holiday SEM Campaigns

Posted by Heather Cohen, Account Manager

With the holiday season quickly approaching, marketers should consider the vast U.S. Hispanic market and its online shopping behaviors.  Almost 80% of Hispanics use the Internet to research products online, and over 50% make a purchase online at least once a month (see Search Engine Land).

Performics partnered with Google to develop some best practices for building Hispanic search campaigns:

  1. Make your Spanish Web site comprehensive: 56% of all offline Hispanics cite lack of Spanish content as the reason for not going online
  2. Create both English and Spanish campaigns: U.S. Hispanics search in both languages and under both interface settings
  3. Focus on broad keywords to generate traffic: Don’t directly translate general market campaigns
  4. Extend to mobile search: Hispanics rely more heavily on their mobile devices than non-Hispanics

Here’s a sample account structure for U.S. Hispanics:

Hispanic campaign 

The Content Network can also be a great way to engage Hispanics.  Below are some best practices for building Hispanic search content campaign:

  1. Don’t underestimate the Content Network: You’ll see lower cost-per-clicks and higher click-through rates
  2. Create media units that toggle between English and Spanish: U.S. Hispanics interact with content in both languages
  3. Utilize messaging around core Hispanic values: These include family, job security, health, savings, etc.

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