Blurring the Lines Between Search & Social Campaigns

Post by Amber Kim, Media Director

Believe it or not, there are a lot of similarities between running paid search campaigns and running paid social campaigns. To make the most of these digital marketing efforts, it is important to align optimizations, reporting, content and strategy closely together between channels.


Optimizations made to campaigns are similar between search and social. Advertisers can look at both search and social campaigns in the same way to identify underperforming campaigns and pull appropriate bidding and budget levers in order to impact performance. Often times, it is helpful to look at performance of similar tactics (such as retargeting) to identify possible trends between channels.


It is helpful to have consistent and holistic reporting between search and social in order to identify trends and to aid troubleshooting. For example, an advertiser could look at a day-over-day performance report for both channels to identify the effect of a new TV campaign on online channels. Additionally, if an advertiser’s website is experiencing technical issues, the effect on SEM and social back-end metrics would likely be similar, and trends could be easily spotted on the same reporting platform.


Messaging used in search campaigns should be similar to what is used in social campaigns, when the marketing goal is consistent. For example, a gaming company launches a new video game and is marketing to a millennial generation by using young-adult actors and casual tone in the TV advertisement. This should be reflected similarly in search and social ads, by using similar language tone and call-to-action.


Considering all the elements described above, advertisers should approach strategy development for paid search and paid social in a similar way.  Whether it is prioritization of tactics such as remarketing, planning for the launch of a new product or allocating media budgets, it is important to plan search and social in conjunction with one another.

By leveraging the similarities between paid search and paid social and aligning marketing efforts, not only will you prove to be a savvy digital marketer, but you’ll also achieve success with your campaigns.

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