Case Study: The Benefits of Having a Dedicated Paid Search Launch Team

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October 13, 2008
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October 15, 2008

Case Study: The Benefits of Having a Dedicated Paid Search Launch Team

Posted by Peggy Franz, Manager Search Services

Building on my last post, Why Create a Dedicated Launch Team?, I’d like to now illustrate the benefits of having such a team through the case study of a clothing retailer:


·         The client relied on Performics to grow their paid search program, focusing specifically on sales revenue


·         CPC inflation due to highly competitive marketplace

·         Budget constraints that hindered program performance

·         Limited historical data (bid and position performance; keyword builds, creative performance, etc)


·         Performics’ Launch and Account Teams created exact match keywords on all high volume terms

1.       Enabled our experts to lower bids and maintain positions

2.       Allowed for extra budget across the program

·         The Launch and Account Teams tested and analyzed keyword campaigns

1.       Provided insight into consumer behavior

2.       Uncovered high-converting terms not currently in program

·         Bid strategies were implemented based on high volume terms

1.       Manipulated and secured key positions

2.       Leveraged additional budget to allow for budget caps, increasing visibility

·         The Launch Team provided daily bid strategy recommendations

1.       Offered clear insight and transparency into program

2.       Strengthened client relationship; built trust


·         Average daily sales increased 29%

·         Lowered brand CPC by 78%, from $1.47 to $.33

·         Overall CPC decrease of 50%, from $.88 to $.44

As you can see, having a dedicated Launch Team comprised of tenured specialists pays off. This client’s program was set up to succeed.  By intensively focusing on key areas at the start of the campaign, the client’s program resulted in increased sales with lower CPCs.

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