Case Study: Utilizing Blue Kai to Remarket to Target Audiences through Google Search

Posted by Joe Potter, Media Manager Challenge Encourage repeat visitors to engage and generate trial downloads from a software client’s website. Solution Blue Kai Performics recommended launching a remarketing campaign using Blue Kai. Blue Kai is a third-party data service that enables the creation of advanced targeting pools for search and display campaigns. The system eliminates the need to use a Google pixel on the advertisers’ websites. Remarketing Lists We created user pools within Blue Kai to fit the target segment. These pools included visitors that had previously clicked through to a product page, but did not initiate a trial. It also targeted users who initiated a trial, but did not complete the processPerformics utilized AdWords’ integration to serve ads for the specific audience. Custom Messaging Refined target groups allowed for granular messaging. The test creative recognized that participants had already visited the site and were familiar with the product. It encouraged a call-to-action and brand engagement. Sample Copy: You Learned the New Features. Take the Next Step: Download a Trial! Results Participant data created a pathway for highly targeted campaigns and increased performance. CTR Impact The custom messages increased click-through rates 150% over standard search campaigns. The standard campaigns averaged a 1.01% CTR, while the retargeted campaigns drove a 2.53% CTR. Higher CTRs help boost Quality Score, resulting in lower CPCs. Conversion Rate Impact Conversion rates increased to a record high in the targeted test (31%). These campaigns delivered a 164% greater conversion rate than the non-targeted campaigns. The more qualified retargeted audience helped drive the increased conversion rate. ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 08 12.50 Next Steps for Advertisers In future testing, we recommend widening the target audience. Expanding the target will generate incremental traffic and provide additional learnings. These insights can then be used to further refine the campaign targeting. We also recommend testing different variations of customized ad copy to determine the most impactful elements.

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