CES 2015 Kickoff: 6 Hot Topics in Tech

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January 6, 2015
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January 9, 2015

CES 2015 Kickoff: 6 Hot Topics in Tech

The prestigious international CES conference is happening this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES is home to the world’s largest tech trade show where the biggest names in tech debut new innovations, tools and technologies. CNET’s Editor at Large, Brian Cooley, discusses conference highlights for the upcoming week:

  • Wearables: Similar to last year, wearables are a big focus of the show.   On average 33% of fitness bands are discarded after 6  months of use, so it’s imperative that there be a shift from an elective fit market to an essential health market.  Brands capitalizing on this change in attitude include Samsung with S Health, Google Fit, Nintendo and Microsoft.
  • Autos: For the autos it’s not just about the advancement of the self driving car but rather the impact this technology will have on the driver.   What happens when you no longer have to worry about driving?  The idea of having time back inspires new thinking about what other advances in auto tech will follow (apps, CarPlay/Android Auto and embedded connectivity).
  • Connected Homes: This year it’s all about educating consumers about connected home technology and making the products more accessible.  Retailers like Sears and Best Buy are creating experiences to show consumers how easy and affordable it is to create a  connected home.
  • Mobile Technology: With only 20% of the world’s population owning a smartphone (45% in the US) mobile upstarts (like Lenovo) are the brands to check out at CES.  Mobile upstarts are creating lower price point devices to grow the smartphone population and convert the next billion people poised to upgrade their devices.  So for those of us in media the question is, when will you have a mobile first strategy?
  • TV Tech: With Netflix, Amazon, Direct TV, Comcast and Dish making more 4K content available- now is the time to start thinking about upgrading your TV.  With the semi-unbundling of TV thanks to HBO Go, Sling Television, CBS All Access and NBC, customers can choose what content they really want and only pay for that.
  • Immersive Media: Although virtual reality has been around for a while, what’s new is how brands are using it to create experiences for customers on platforms like Milk.  If you make it to the floor be sure to check out Jaunt so you can experience the next phase of augmented reality.


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