Collateral Insights: Turning Performics Into a Consumer Insights Engine

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July 23, 2018
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Collateral Insights: Turning Performics Into a Consumer Insights Engine

Post by Esteban Ribero, SVP, Planning & Insights

As search marketers, we have been driving an insights generating machine for quite some time. A machine that produces insights about human behavior, and consumer behavior in particular. We just did not know.

People turn to search engines with clear intentions. They are looking for guidance, they are looking to explore and get inspired, they are also looking for specific details as they evaluate their options, and of course, they are there to take action such as buying, signing up for a service, finding a coupon, getting directions, etc. We all know that, but, can we capture that behavior and see it happening over time? Wouldn’t it be great to show our clients how consumers are approaching their category, when there is a raise in exploratory behavior, when there is deep evaluation or when it is most likely to catch them with a buying mindset? We can now.

Performics is now joining the growing business trend of finding alternative uses to the data that has been collected as part of normal business. Every day Performics collects millions of data points indicating how many clicks and conversions we got from our bidding activities across tens of thousands of keywords in each of our accounts. We typically look at the data from a performance perspective to see how efficient we are at converting demand into revenue. But what if we decided to look at the same data with a different lens? A human lens? Wouldn’t certain keywords indicate that consumers are exploring, others indicate that they are looking for guidance and understanding, and yet another set indicate that they are evaluating options but not ready to buy yet? At Planning and Insights, we think so, and have created a methodology to set the infrastructure that allows us to read the massive amount of data we are collecting every day with a human lens and see actual consumer behavior happening before our eyes.

Our Intent Scoring Algorithm allows us to tag the keywords in our search accounts with the mindset that the searcher was in when typing those keywords. It is not science fiction; it is a simple principle: people pay attention to tangible features of reality as they get closer to accomplishing a goal and they use more concrete language when talking or thinking about their goals than when they are more distant from them. This is a phenomenon well established in psychology; we just turned that insight into a technology to score search terms based on their level of concreteness. Once we code the terms we can aggregate them into meaningful buckets according to the psychological distance from the goal. The different buckets represent different mindsets and intentions. This is the set of lenses we use to look at the aggregated activation data generated by our daily operation and collect the collateral insights about consumer behavior that are waiting to be uncovered.


The Intent Scoring Algorithm sits at the core of Intent-Based Planning and our ability to bring to life the human being behind the clicks. It has been said that we are in the area of data-driven storytelling. I would add that, to do it properly, we also have to be story-led data crunchers, and that is exactly what we are doing.

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