Competitive Insights Catapult Results for a Party Supplies Retailer


A party supplies retailer sought to fully understand competitor paid search strategies around highly-competitive generic keywords


Performics leveraged our proprietary competitive monitoring tool, Benchtools, to identify keywords that our client’s competitors were bidding on, their positions and their market share.  These insights enabled us to solve problems that other agencies cannot:

  • Benchtools informed us when the retailer’s top competition aggressively bid on certain keywords, allowing us to attack the marketplace with more educated bids and account management decisions at the right time
  • Benchtools also provided insights into keywords that our client’s competitors—but not our client—were bidding on.  This allowed us to identify categories in our client’s market where we weren’t present, and understand if there were opportunities for keyword expansion.



  • Performics improved efficiency on generic terms
    -We saved the client thousands of dollars by observing aggressive competitor behavior, and not implementing a position 1 strategy on high-volume generic terms
    -Instead, we focused on holding position 2 on the keywords with high CPCs.  This ensured our competition was paying top dollar to maintain position 1.  Once their daily budget reached its limit, we then held position 1 at a lower CPC.
  • Increased market share for mission-critical keywords at key retail hours, particularly evening

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