Creating Campaigns with TV Ad Sync

Post by Chloe Singleton, Paid Search Executive

Cross-device advertising is becoming an increasingly effective way to reach consumers. Brands now have the ability to connect with key audiences across screens in real time, allowing them to maximize ROAS (return on ad spend).


Around 87% of consumers use a second device while watching TV (Adweek). This has led brands to re-connect with audiences who focus more on their second screen during TV commercial breaks. And as social platforms become more prominent in advertising, brands should be capitalizing on these outlets as well.


TV ad sync aggregates real-time data from thousands of TV channels and connected televisions. By using fingerprint technology to assign a code to a TV commercial, brands can optimize their social media campaigns with multiple external data feeds. 4C, for example, offers key features such as:

  • Ad Sync – this allows brands to show simultaneous ads across screens while their TV ad airs
  • Competitor Sync – while competitors’ messaging is displayed, brands will be able to overlap their ads by syncing their content with the competitors’ TV spots. Ultimately, this feature allows brands to tap into their competitors’ audiences.
  • Sport Sync – coordinate ads with live sport moments
  • Brand Affinity Sync – brands have the opportunity to sync with branded ads that share similar social media characteristics
  • Weather Sync – syncs ads with live weather conditions and forecasts anywhere in the world

And the list continues.

Through an ad sync platform, brands can increase effectiveness of their campaigns; these cross-screen synergies will help to create a stronger, more memorable brand story. When newsfeeds are synced in real-time to TV ads, brands experience a higher CTR, an increase in ROI and higher TV ad recall.  Additionally, this approach proves to be a go-to tactic for deploying high value tactical Facebook and Twitter buys around contextually relevant TV content.

For more information on TV ad syncing capabilities, contact Performics today.

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