Creating Natural Search Custom Landing Pages

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May 30, 2008
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June 4, 2008

Creating Natural Search Custom Landing Pages

Posted by Brad Beiter, Senior Program Manager (Natural Search)

When performing keyword research at the start of a natural search program, we focus on search terms that not only drive high volume, but are also very relevant to the client’s business.  In certain instances, some relevant/high volume keywords that we uncover during the keyword research phase don’t have the best match for a landing page on the client’s Web site.  In these cases, we decide to build out custom landing pages to target the particular keyword.

The key to constructing a custom natural search landing page is centralizing and reorganizing content in order to create the most relevant page for search engine spiders to index.  Once a search term has a dedicated landing page, key components of the landing page, including the URL, title tag, meta-description, body copy, and link structure, can be optimized around that keyword. This not only greatly increases the natural search ranking potential of the page, but also creates the best place for searchers to land, improving the user experience for valuable prospects seeking content relative to that specific keyword.

For example, one of our large athletic retailer clients lacked a good landing page for a term which has high search volume and is very relevant to the client’s business.  We created and optimized a custom landing page for the term, which ended up resulting in a #1 ranking on Google for the term and a 300% increase in traffic over a 10 month period.  In addition, the client now has a page dedicated to the keyword, giving searchers who come from that term a better site experience.

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