Daina Middleton is a Disruptive Expert!

Global CEO Daina Middleton was just named one of the Top 75 Disruptive Experts by Bill Jensen, author of Disrupt! Think Epic! Be Epic.   Jensen explains the Disrupt Movement this way:   “We live in an age of continuous personal disruption.  Hourly havoc.  Daily disorder.  Monthly mania.  It’s time to take back our days, our lives and our sanity.  By disrupting ourselves.  By thinking epic, being epic.”   Daina’s interview with Jensen can be seen on his Disrupt Movement blog. Join the Disrupt Movement and receive: A FREE book on leading disruption, The Courage Within Us FREE participation in the Dare to Disrupt Movement (a month of daily challenges) Prizes and Rewards Aplenty: FREE coaching, FREE books, and more!  DISRUPT!

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