DMEXCO Follow Up: 30,000+ Attendees Seeking To Drive Digital Transformation

Post by Michael Kahn, Performics Worldwide CEO

I just attended my third DMEXCO in Cologne, Germany and was overwhelmed by the energy and participation at this increasingly global event. This annual digital marketing and ad technology conference grew in attendance by another 10% this year and is a key place to be on the global stage.

Against the backdrop of exhibit halls filled with agency, data, publisher and technology brands, was a constant flow of presentations on the topics driving our business and agendas. Much of the discussion from this year’s conference was focused on:

  • Ad Blockers and their increased application across devices, including mobile, and the challenges to brands and media in overcoming them
  • The fragmentation of platforms and the continuing measurement challenges marketers face in designing unified data and analytics practices/systems to drive their businesses
  • The growing appetite for marketing globalization and the balancing act required in optimizing centralized versus localized strategies and activation
  • The content creation explosion and creating strategic criteria for what makes good content and delivery of it

As part of my DMEXCO experience, I was able to meet with 5 different digital marketing start-ups for networking and evaluation. Three of these businesses were focused on content creation, measurement, placement and optimization. This made a marked impression on me and is consistent with trends we have seen in our business. While brands and agencies are continuing to push programmatic advancement on the paid media front, there has been a huge advertiser shift in focus to owned and earned media, and the content engines required to support this focus.

In a “post-awareness” marketing world where personalized experiences and delivery drive engagement success, leveraging content and media fluidly across consumer journeys is a strategic requirement.

As displayed at DMEXCO, the marketing and technology community is embracing this!

Bis dann!



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