Does Link Bait Work?

Posted by Brad Beiter, Senior Program Manager (SEO), the job site that only posts $100,000/year or higher jobs, recently created the perfect link bait video.  They left $100,000 cash in Central Park and recorded people’s reactions on hidden camera.  They posted the video on their site, sent out a few messages, and watched the Web’s reaction.

In less than one month, was able to earn 1,000 external links pointing to its site.

Assuming they spent $50,000 on the production of the video, that comes out to a one-time cost of $50 per link.  Compared to the prices some advertisers are paying for individual links these days, this link building method is both cost-effective and extremely scalable.

Don’t forget the branding value created from the “buzz” of this video as well, which is harder to quantify yet undeniably valuable to a brand.

So does link bait work?  Well, we just created a link.

You can see all the links created here.

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