Engaging U.S. Hispanics via Performance Marketing Channels: A Holistic Approach to Visibility, Relevancy, Conversion & Optimization

Hispanic Internet users account for 16% of all U.S. Internet users—and this percentage is rapidly growing.  Hispanics use the web differently than other groups; in particular, 70% of total Hispanic Internet users depend on smartphones for search.  Additionally, 47% of U.S. Hispanics identify themselves as “very different” from other groups, while 69% identify themselves differently from other U.S. Hispanics.  These users are not one-size-fits-all: in order to engage this large and diverse group, digital advertisers must first understand online Hispanic behavior, by different participant segments.  Then, they must create highly relevant experiences that foster conversion. PARTICIPANT INSIGHTS U.S. Hispanics embrace technology at a faster pace than other groups; they also have a younger median age than non-Hispanics and are more social online.  Below are some important participant insights into U.S. Hispanics to keep in mind while planning digital campaigns: Hispanic CMO PERFORMANCE IMPLICATIONS Once you understand the unique needs, wants and barriers of U.S. Hispanics, you can more effectively engage them, leveraging Performics Activation Pillars: Visibility, Relevancy, Conversion & Optimization: Visibility: Integrating channels/devices to maximize visibility, find participants & exploit touch-point synergies

  • Hispanic Online Behavior: Use internal data, personas and third-party research tools (e.g. comScore, Hitwise) to understand exactly how Hispanics browse the web (e.g. sites they frequent, devices they use).  Leverage opportunities to target ads to engage Hispanics in the right place, at the right time.

Relevancy: Uncovering participant insights to create the most engaging & motivating experiences across screens

  • Tailoring Keywords & Copy: Increase relevancy by tailoring keywords and copy to how Hispanics search.Hispanic CMO_2 We recommend starting broad, then building specific keyword lists based on search query reports. Hispanic searchers typically use more broad/generic terms, and they are more likely to search using keywords around lifestyle choices rather than particular long-tail queries. Make sure to write compelling copy to integrate your keyword build and include a targeted call-to-action specific to Hispanic lifestyles.
  • Accents: Think about using accents when setting up your campaigns.  It’s best to build-out variations with and without accents. Be careful using dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) in combination with non-accented keywords so that your ad copy reads correctly with accents.

Conversion: Content optimization to create pre-click (ads, listings, posts) and post-click (landing page) experiences that convert

  • Mobile: Increase conversions by optimizing mobile campaigns.  Advertisers have the option to use mobile-preferred landing pages or mobile-preferred creative for optimal mobile browsing. This gives you the ability to capitalize on high mobile usage. We recommend that you be present in mobile on the Google Search Network, Google Display Network, YouTube and other social channels.

Optimization: Leveraging data & analytics to continually refine & optimize, in real-time

  • Optimize, Optimize, Optimize: Optimize the account structure around the audience. Structure campaign builds around interests and themes.  Remember to optimize language while keeping the Hispanic searcher in mind. Proper language choice enhances and builds efficiency in a well-structured campaign.

U.S. Hispanics continue to make up a large part of your total audience, and their buying power drives an absolute need for brands to understand and effectively engage them online. Brands failing to engage this growing group are isolating marketing efforts and leaving performance behind. For more info on best practices for engaging U.S. Hispanic users, please contact your Performics Account Team today.

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