Facebook Ads Drive Incremental Sales at 3-to-1 ROI for Threadless

Posted by Micheline Sabatte, Product Marketing Manager


Chicago-based online apparel retailer, Threadless, teamed up with Performics to promote its “Summer Heatwave” sale. Threadless wanted to promote this special T-shirt sale with tees starting at $5 via Facebook ads.




• Increase awareness of “Summer Heatwave” promotional event

• Drive sales at a reasonable ROI

Threadless 1



• Performics launched a Facebook CPC-bidded Social Ad campaign

• Created custom Facebook ads announcing “Summer Heatwave” sale

• Targeted all users 18 and older, and optimized ads over a 10-day period based on image performance

Threadless 2 


• Campaign performed at a 3 to 1 return on ad spend and drove many new buyers to Threadless

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