Facebook Announces Launch of Video on Instagram

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June 20, 2013
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June 24, 2013

Facebook Announces Launch of Video on Instagram

Posted by Megan Halscheid, Director, Performance Media Facebook just announced the launch of video on Instagram. This new feature will be immediately available through Android and iOS platforms. Instagram videos boast 15 seconds in length; will include editing capabilities, and the ability to select the cover image for each video. There will also be 13 new filters that can be applied to customize videos. At the announcement, Facebook also made recommendations for brands on the types that will be most successful through videos on Instagram: an inside look at how your product gets made, real-time footage from events you produce or sponsor and stories of people/fans talking about or celebrating your content or films. What Are Implications for Advertiser? Instagram video Engaging Content Instagram has become a core part of many brands’ content and social strategies. Brands are already creating photos via Instagram that are shared through all other social channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Like photos, Instagram video will provide a seamless way for brands to incorporate more engaging content within their Pages on Facebook and also promote that content through Facebook ads. Video creates more opportunities for users to engage, which also means additional opportunities for brands to track more actions on Instagram, Facebook and potentially other social networks where the video content is shared. Brands should be able to identify and leverage video views, length of views, increase in volume, and potentially further actions like conversions from those who engage or view Instagram videos. Instagram Advertising Video on Instagram directly competes with Twitter’s recently acquired Vine app. Vine videos, only run for 6 seconds, as opposed to Instagram’s 15 second video length option. It’s no coincidence that the Instagram videos are the same timeframe as Facebook’s new auto-playing video ad units set to launch in the fall. Instagram videos will also auto-play within the Instagram feed. This is another sign that it is inevitable that Instagram will be rolled into the Facebook advertising mix. If the same creative can be used on Facebook and Instagram, it would be an easy transition. A brand could develop a video ad unit and select whether it would be served on Facebook, Instagram or both. Also, video is a more universal ad unit than any of the other social ads formats currently available across sites likes Facebook and Twitter. Video ads may make it easier for traditional digital advertisers to create assets and participate in Facebook ads. If Instagram Video gets rolled into Facebook’s ad offering, so too should Instagram targeting. We could potentially target ads on Facebook based on users who follow specific people on Instagram or based on users who have watched a brands’ Instagram video on Facebook. In turn, we could also apply Facebook targeting information to future Instagram ads. Video plays an increasingly valuable role in the type of content customers consume. With the introduction of Video on Instagram, Facebook is poised to help create, deliver and measure video across all platforms and sites.

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