Facebook Audience Network: New Advertising Opportunity for Mobile App Installs

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May 9, 2014
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May 15, 2014

Facebook Audience Network: New Advertising Opportunity for Mobile App Installs

Facebook recently released a new mobile network for Facebook advertisers: Facebook Audience Network. Over the past year, Facebook has tested mobile app ad performance on its site, and now—with Facebook’s growing number of mobile users and more than 2 million Facebook mobile apps—the social platform is joining Twitter and Google in releasing a comprehensive mobile ad solution for advertisers. The ad network is currently in beta and is available to select top app advertisers, but will eventually roll out to all advertisers. Facebook Audience Network is creating significant buzz in the mobile world and has huge implications for advertisers as more time is spent on mobile devices on Facebook than any other website. The volume of users who access Facebook through mobile devices is growing at six times the average overall mobile growth rate. To fully engage this large audience, rich ads within Audience Network are designed in three creative formats, including native app install ads, mobile banners and interstitial creative: fb audience network*image from Facebook IMPLEMENTATION One perk of Facebook’s new ad network lays in its simplicity: advertisers already running News Feed Ads can opt into the Network with one click. Once the campaign is live on the Audience Network, Facebook handles all optimizations and delivery (note, these ads cannot be run programmatically at this time). Ads opted into the Audience Network use the same measurement tools already available for both Facebook desktop and mobile ads, and combine the powerful targeting options available to all Facebook ads, such as Custom Audiences, core audiences and lookalike audiences. THREE BENEFITS FOR ADVERTISERS Similar to Twitter’s MoPub integration for its newly announced App Install Ads, Facebook created its Audience Network to provide additional reach for advertisers wishing to drive app installs and app engagement. However—as opposed to Twitter—Facebook’s larger mobile following, targeting options and diverse ad formats will likely enable advertisers to drive more app engagement and installs:

  1. Loyal Mobile Following: Facebook mobile users are more active and spend more time on the social site than any other major digital platform in the world. Additionally, Facebook’s mobile market share growth is 2.4 times greater than Google’s. Through Audience Network mobile app installs, advertisers will be able to efficiently target and leverage Facebook’s loyal mobile follower base to meet engagement and app install goals.
  2. Superior Targeting: Facebook mobile app installs differ from other platforms and engines because of their unique targeting capabilities. While most mobile ad networks target users based on history, Facebook uses history in addition to its core audiences capabilities, which enables advertisers to target based on users’ locations, demographics, interests and off-site behaviors.
  3. Diverse Ad Formats: With three different formats to choose from, advertisers can apply filters to opt-out of particular rich ads. This functionality allows advertisers additional opportunity to test which ad format converts best, giving advertisers the ability to shift dollars to the best performing ads.

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