Facebook Introduces Streaming Product, Facebook LIVE

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April 7, 2016
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April 13, 2016

Facebook Introduces Streaming Product, Facebook LIVE

Post by Bailey Allen, Media Manager

Last year, Facebook LIVE was launched in the Mentions App.  Now, it’s become available to everyone via the Facebook iOS and Android app. Facebook LIVE allows Facebook users to share moments instantly with their friends and followers, respond to comments and see other users’ reactions.

On April 6, 2016, Facebook released a few new features with the Facebook LIVE launch:

  • Live Broadcasts & Live Reactions: Facebook gave users the ability to launch live broadcasts in Facebook Groups and Events, allowing them to show videos to groups with specific interests. During live broadcasts, users can express their sentiments with Live Reactions, with the opportunity to select “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad,” or “Angry” buttons, instead of just the standard “Like” button. Live Reactions populate at the top of a video in real-time to provide a sense of how viewers feel about the video; Facebook described this as a virtual way of hearing a crowd cheering.
  • Watch live videos with friends: Facebook has also provided users with the ability to watch live videos with friends by sending push notifications to other users. Users can send friends notifications and invites to live broadcasts.
  • Live Filters: To personalize broadcasts, Facebook has released five Live Filters, and it will soon be giving users the ability to draw on videos while live.

For mobile, Facebook will soon be rolling out a dedicated space within the mobile app where users can broadcast videos and find live/non-live videos from around the world. Users will be able to tap on the new video icon within the app to find the space. For desktop, a Facebook Live Map is being released to provide users with video origination information.


  • Real Time Interaction: The implementation of Facebook Live gives brands more opportunity to interact in real-time with their followers. New metrics and a chart for Facebook Live are being launched, allowing broadcast publishers a way to better understand live viewership. These metrics enable publishers to understand 1) how long it takes people to tune into a live broadcast, 2) how many viewers a live broadcast attracts at its peak and 3) how many users are watching the entire video.
  • Better Metrics for Insights: Broadcast publishers will be able to access the number of unique users who watched a live video (Live Broadcast Audience) and a chart of the number of viewers watching during each moment of the broadcast (Viewers during Live Broadcast). Insights will soon be added to Facebook’s Power Editor API and will be available for export. For now, publishers need to click the live video and find a Live Broadcast Audience within a new tab to view insights. In this tab will be an interactive chart showing Viewers During Live Broadcast.

Facebook Live has the potential to change the way we receive news. Uncovering viewers’ behaviors is important to understand how to best leverage Facebook Live. By using Facebook Live to interact on a personal level with users, brands will experience higher engagement and brand awareness than with traditional advertising or broadcasting. These changes provide brands with the ability to create and harness more meaningful ways to interact with consumers through personalized experiences.

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