Facebook Launches “Fan Box” Widget

Posted by Megan Halscheid, Product Manager


Facebook unveiled a new “Fan Box” widget this week that allows advertisers to include content from their Facebook Fan Pages on their native Web sites.  The Fan Box keeps people on a brand’s external site aware of the brand’s Facebook activity.  The widget allows users to become a fan of a brand directly through the brand’s Fan Box.  Users can then read the latest admin wall posts and see other fans directly through the widget, without leaving the brand’s external site. 


Brands can use the widget to generate more fans for their Facebook Fan Page and improve a brand’s Facebook Page natural search ranking.  Brands like Coca-Cola and Lance Armstrong have already added the Fan Box to their external Web sites.


Facebook fan box


In addition to the Fan Box, Facebook also recently launched the Live Stream Box, which allows Web site owners to add a Facebook chat box feed to their sites.

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