Facebook Re-launches Atlas: New Cross Channel/Device Targeting & Measurement Opportunities

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October 2, 2014
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October 9, 2014

Facebook Re-launches Atlas: New Cross Channel/Device Targeting & Measurement Opportunities

In 2013, Facebook acquired the ad serving platform Atlas from Microsoft. Previously, Facebook was one-site advertising network, which severely limited its revenue growth.  With the purchase of Atlas, Facebook instantly became a cross-web network, with all of Atlas’s publisher relationships already in place. Recently, Facebook announced its re-launch of Atlas. The new Atlas offers advanced measurement capabilities. Among other things, its capabilities include tackling one of the industry’s most complex challenges: cross-device measurement. Before rebuilding Atlas, Facebook relied on cookies to track users and target ads. But cookies pose tracking concerns as users move between devices, and they can provide inaccurate reach and frequency information to advertisers. Atlas has now replaced cookie-based tracking with unique-ID tracking. Facebook Atlas NEW ATLAS PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENTS The re-launched Atlas is exciting news for digital marketers. In particular, it can help you achieve a clearer understanding of marketing efforts across devices and channels:

  • Superior Tracking Capabilities
    • Atlas drops cookie-based tracking and uses “people-based” tracking (unique Facebook IDs) to provide advertisers with more accurate demographic, frequency and reach information
    • Advertisers now have cross-device intelligence (e.g. visibility into users who see an ad on mobile but later purchase on desktop)
    • Online-to-offline tracking is now possible through Atlas by comparing in-store purchase information (such as email addresses) to users who have seen an ad for the product online
  • “People-Based Marketing”
    • “People-based marketing” will better inform advertisers which individual Facebook users have seen their ads across devices and websites
    • New people-based tracking supports all types of ads across the web including display, in-app, native, email, search and video
  • Improved Ad Messaging
    • Atlas enables advertisers to serve more targeted advertising messages based on Facebook users’ interests, activity, demographics, preferences and gender
    • Customized ad messaging based on Facebook activity will follow users across the web
  • Privacy Protection
    • Individual names will not be shared and users will remain anonymous
    • No additional user profile information will be available to advertisers that isn’t already
  • Future Ad Buying Capabilities
    • As advertisers see the advantages of “people-based marketing,” Facebook notes that it is looking to develop further ad buying capabilities

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