Fans, Advertisers Get Ready for March Madness Online

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March 19, 2009

Fans, Advertisers Get Ready for March Madness Online

Posted by Dan Malachowski, Product Marketing Manager (Search and Performance Media)

Fans and advertisers alike are looking forward to the start of the NCAA Tournament this Thursday at noon.  Not since the Obama inauguration will so many people at work be simultaneously streaming online video in their cubicles.  This year, CBS March Madness On Demand will stream all 63 games live through Microsoft Silverlight.  March Madness On Demand drove 4.8 million unique visitors last year and is projecting 7.2 million uniques this year.  The projected increase is partly due to CBS’s distribution strategy to make the content accessible from 300 sites this year.  March Madness On Demand ad revenue is expected to increase 30% year over year to $30 million.  New advertising opportunities include sponsoring the “boss button,” a popular feature that allows viewers to pull up a spreadsheet that looks like work if their boss happens to walk by.

We can be sure that the top search terms Thursday morning on Google will be “march madness online,” or “NCAA online.”  March Madness On Demand has their paid and natural search programs ready to convert that search traffic:

March madness search

Another feature, one that proved successful during the Obama inauguration, is the ability for March Madness On Demand viewers to update their Facebook statuses live through the On Demand interface.  This feature allows viewers to talk trash with their Facebook friends and share with everyone watching the game:

Facebook march madness

And if you happen to get pulled away from your computer, don’t forget to download the CBS iPhone app to watch your team from your phone.

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