Father’s Day: Search Engine Trends & Insights for Advertisers

It’s Dad season. Father’s Day is around the corner and sons, daughters, wives (and maybe even pets?) are turning to search engines to find the perfect gifts for dads who have everything. We pulled together some search trends and insights around dad: Moms Get More Attention

  • In a recent survey conducted by RetailMeNot.com, 20% admitted to being less creative with Father’s Day gifts than with Mother’s Day
  • 86% of people buy Mother’s Day gifts while only 77% buy Father’s Day gifts
  • In America, we spend a collective of $14.6B on Mother’s Day gifts, but only $9.4B on Father’s Day—a $5B difference!
  • Moms also get more attention in search. According to our Mother’s Day post, Father’s Day ranked third in search volume—after (1) Mother’s Day and (2) Valentine’s Day. This illustrates the smaller opportunity for advertisers around Father’s Day.

fathers day 1 Father’s Day Searchers Look to Buy While search volume for Father’s Day might be less than other major holidays, search query trends have a silver lining for advertisers:

  • Four of the most popular Father’s Day search terms over the past three years are “Father’s Day gifts,” “Father’s Day cards,” “Father’s Day ideas,” and “Father’s Day activities.” “Father’s Day gifts” indexes at just over half of total searches for the four terms between April and June.
  • “Father’s Day gifts” is also increasing its share of annual searches—moving from 47% in 2011 to 55% in 2013

fathers day 2 Women Search for Dads the Most

  • As expected, female searchers dominate across all three device types for the search query “Father’s Day” (according to Bing Ads Intelligence)
  • Males aged 35-49 actively search for “Father’s Day gifts”—over-indexing on desktop. While this includes sons, we can’t help but wonder, are dads being tasked to find their own gifts?
  • Searchers between the ages of 35-49 are most active on desktop devices, while 18-34 year olds are more active on smartphones

fathers day 3KEY TAKEAWAYS for ADVERTISERS Everyone is searching for great gifts for Dad online, and search advertisers should prepare campaigns and budgets accordingly. Remember these tips for Father’s Day:

  • Keep in mind age groups and gender when building mobile v. desktop Father’s Day campaigns. Utilize different copy, product keywords and landing pages to engage different audiences.
  • Ride the trends. As keywords like “Father’s Day gifts” take more Father’s Day search share, consider investing additional budget to drive visibility vs. your competition.
  • Retarget searchers who are “just looking” (e.g. searchers who use terms like “Father’s Day gift ideas”). After considering a number of gifts, you may find success in reminding searchers of the gifts they viewed on your site—via a display ad on Facebook or the Google Display Network.
  • Use search to drive in-store purchases. Utilize ad extensions like mobile click-to-call and location extensions to help Father’s Day searchers find your stores.
  • Shift budget towards smartphones after Father’s Day online shipping deadlines, as last-minute shoppers will have no choice but to come in-store to purchase a gift on time!


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