Five Performance Marketing Strategies to Engage Online Hispanics

Hispanics are the largest and fastest-growing minority segment in the United States.  And 30 million U.S. Hispanics—60% of the U.S. Hispanic population—are online.  Performics outlines five performance marketing strategies to grow your Hispanic customer base:

1. Search   
80% of U.S. Hispanics use search to research products (comScore)

Everyday, 8% of all Google queries are in Spanish.  80% of these queries are performed through Google’s English interface (i.e. the searcher’s computer language is set to English); 20% are performed on the Spanish interface.  This presents a huge opportunity for brands to engage Hispanic searchers via the English interface, as well as the Spanish interface:

  • Bid on Spanish keywords even when targeting English-language users.  Spanish search volume is rising while cost-per-clicks (CPCs) remain below English keywords.
  • Align Spanish keywords with Spanish ad copy and landing pages
  • Don’t simply translate English copy and landing pages into Spanish; seek to truly understand the Hispanic culture to craft unique messages
  • Utilize Google’s Spanish site.  Although search volume is lower, click-through rates (CTRs) are higher than Google’s English site

Trend Tip: The Multicultural Web
Third and fourth generation Hispanics remain Hispanic by heritage, but English-speaking by habit.  This is the future of the Hispanic online marketplace.  75% of Hispanics embrace media in both English and Spanish.  Language is not a barrier. 

Marketers should focus on creating experiences that resonate with Hispanic participants.  While Hispanics aren’t a homogenous group easily reached solely by Spanish-language advertising, this doesn’t mean that a brand’s English-language message is resonating either.  Marketers should:

  • Identify gaps in Hispanic content
  • Employ experience developers to create engaging content
  • Focus on highly sharable content (live events, custom apps, video, celebrity partnerships)

2. Social    
48% of online Hispanics use social networks (Google)
33% are influence by customer reviews/ratings in social media

Before launching a social media campaign, decide which Hispanic segment you seek to engage.   Again, this doesn’t mean just having English and Spanish content.  You must understand your Hispanic participants.  For instance,

  • Spanish-preferring Hispanics like to follow/friend brands offering daily content in Spanish
  • Spanish-preferring Hispanics need Spanish-language customer service support on Twitter
  • Hispanics that typically converse with family, friends and colleagues in English are likely to prefer English-language social pages

3. Mobile   
71% of U.S. Hispanics seek content on their mobile devices (Google)

The Hispanic market has eagerly embraced the smartphone and tablet craze.  At Performics, we’ve compared Hispanic desktop search data with Hispanic mobile search data.  We’ve found that—especially in the CPG and technology verticals—mobile search is generating more impressions and clicks than desktop.  And average mobile CPCs are still about half of desktop CPCs. 

  • Build mobile-specific Hispanic search campaigns
  • Create both English- and Spanish-targeted campaigns

4. Display 
1 in 3 Hispanic Web users are likely to read and take action after viewing a banner ad (Google)

Display—with its rich targeting features—is often the easiest way to specifically find Hispanics on the Web.  For instance, on the content network, marketers can target specific placements, including Hispanic-oriented sites.  Or, marketers can employ YouTube or Facebook display ads to connect based on demographic, language or interests. An example YouTube target could be: English language, Hispanic females, Latin American music.
5. Video 
YouTube achieves 45% reach across the Hispanic Web (Google)
YouTube reaches two times more Hispanics than Facebook

Don’t forget that, after Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine.  Use YouTube Promoted Videos to generate awareness amongst Hispanic YouTube users searching for your Spanish/English content.  Your video ad will appear next to relevant YouTube search results. 

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